|This is a letter of recommendation by a professor for a student aspiring to pursue MS in Human Resource Management.| SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

To whomsoever it may concern:

 I take immense pleasure in evaluating Ms. ___________’s credentials for graduate studies and research at your esteemed university. I have known _________ for over  three years in my capacity as an Asst. Professor of Computer Department at _______college and I have taught her various subjects like ‘Discrete Structures and Graph Theory’, ‘Analysis of Algorithms’, ‘Web Engineering’ and currently I am teaching her ‘Mobile Computing’.

What strikes me about her is that she is a very diligent person with excellent grasping skills. She picks up new concepts easily and has strong analytical skills. She is very responsive in any question-answer sessions that we had in class. She has struck me as being a remarkable student, with her consistently good academic performance in all the subjects that I have taught her. Her insatiable appetite for knowledge is something that intrigues me. She comes across as an inquisitive student, asking questions whenever in doubt. She is an avid reader and loves spending hours and hours reading books in the library. I believe this to be one of her strong facets, one that will stand her in good stead in the years to come. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

She is an enthusiastic student who loves working on projects. Her mini project under my guidance which was based on an online book store portal exhibited not only her excellent programming skills but also her ability to be innovative. She successfully developed an extensive user friendly interface for her website and her project was one of the best projects in the class. To add to all her technical abilities, she is very humble and helpful. I have on many instances seen her explaining concepts to her colleagues, which I guess, make her quite popular among them. She is always very courteous and respectful to all her professors and colleagues. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

I laud her for her sincerity and dedication. She is also very efficient in finishing the lab-work assignments assigned to her. Quite involved during the lectures and strong in her basics, she has shown keen interest even during the practical sessions. Her interest in the practical aspect of the subjects has helped her secure excellent marks in the practical examinations as well. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

On the strength of her overall capabilities, I strongly recommend her to your university for graduate studies. I am sure she will do justice to her potential if given the chance to study at a fine institute like yours.  She has shown great promise during her undergraduate years and I am confident she would bring credit to your institution. I am sure she will be a great addition to the student body. My good wishes are always with her. Thanking you. SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT


Mr. _____________
Senior Professor
College Name