|This is a letter of recommendation by a professor for a student who got into  COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY for MS in Mechanical Engineering.|

I am pleased to recommend _____ for the Masters Program in your university. I have known _____ for the past three years teaching him courses in Applied Thermodynamics(Semester 3), Thermal Engineering(Semester 4) and Fluid Mechanics(Semester 5). I have also supervised his laboratory work for these subjects. During this time I have had interactions with _____ on an academic and personal level. What struck me instantly was his commitment to his work and his desire to achieve excellence in whatever he undertakes.

In all my classes, _____ has been an active participant in classroom discussions and has excelled in all the subjects that I have taught him, constantly securing above 65 percent. He has always submitted his assignments and project reports well before deadlines and he is well focused with a keen interest in the practical application of the subject. His habit of relating everything taught in class with the everyday applications has strengthened his base. Hence, his knowledge of the subjects of Applied thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics is extremely thorough.

Other than the stipulated work in class, _____ has taken up several other initiatives and excelled in them. He is currently working on a project for the testing and enhancement of an earth air tunnel installed in our college campus. Along with two of his classmates, he is doing the necessary study required to make the project a success. They are successfully working towards achieving a system which is entirely electricity-free and is also eco-friendly.  His work on this project highlights his thorough knowledge in the subjects of fluid mechanics, heat-mass transfer etc.

Doing well academically has not limited his involvement in other sectors. He has successfully been part of the student council as the cultural secretary of the college and has represented college and organized events and festivals exceptionally well. He is also an excellent sportsman representing the college in sports like Cricket and Volleyball.

I believe that _____’s strong hold on the subjects of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat-mass transfer will hold him well in his stride. He has spoken to me in detail about his plans to pursue an MS in Mechanical Engineering with a Concentration in Energy Systems and I believe he has the required knowledge and skill set to excel in this course. Also his well-rounded personality as a result of the variety of his experiences as the cultural secretary of the college will make him an asset to your organization. He will do well in this course and will blend well into the new environment. Hence, I strongly recommend him for admission into your university.

Mr. _____________
Senior Professor
College Name