|This is a letter of recommendation by a professor for a student who got into NCSU for MS in Systems Engineering.|SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN SYSTEMS ENGG FROM NCSU

To whom it may concern:

I am pleased to be called upon to write a appraisal for Mr. ___________, whom I have known for the past three years. During the span of these three years I have taught him an array of subjects namely Industrial Process Control, and Advanced Instrumentation. I am also the group in-charge for his final year project.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN SYSTEMS ENGG FROM NCSU

I remember him as a very concerned and inquisitive student, who was very detailed oriented and liked to study each and every nuance of the subject matter. His counter-questions were always thought provoking and he was never afraid to speak his mind on the matter at hand, irrespective of whether it was being discussed in a classroom full of students or during one of my mentoring sessions with him. His thirst for knowledge seemed insatiable even with reference codices he used to pore over in our institute’s library.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN SYSTEMS ENGG FROM NCSU

He was under my direct supervision for his final year project, Realization of a Batch Process Control Loop in the Emerson Delta V DCS system. This was a novel project as the DCS (Distributed Control System) system was only used by students as a visual aid in the understanding of the curriculum without students actually using it, because of highly specialized nature. The department was a bit hesitant about letting undergrad students work on this highly specialized system as this work is usually done by certified Emerson personnel or by professors with experience working on the system.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN SYSTEMS ENGG FROM NCSU

Armed with nothing except the most basic of the DCS manuals and an incredible zest, he and his team were instrumental in pulling off one of the most impressive projects this institute has ever seen. The realization of the batch control loop involved a highly complex logic in which many interlocks had to be considered for the safety of the loop. In addition, it also involved a fairly complex level of calculations in the PID control block of the logic.  The final control schematic had an astonishing 200 logic blocks on the DCS GUI and was successful in the test run of the actual physical process. This led to the project being awarded as the 2nd best in the department.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN SYSTEMS ENGG FROM NCSU

However, he is remembered for single-handedly developing the sequential logic control for the Batch control loop, using the Sequential Flow Charts (SFC) feature of the DCS. Without any assistance from the manual or any external sources, he developed the logic as a beta version as an addition to his assigned project. This makes me confident about his command over mathematics and exceptional analytical abilities necessary to pursue a career in Reliability engineering.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN SYSTEMS ENGG FROM NCSU

As a professor, I am used to students moving on after their undergraduate studies year after year, but only a handful of them remain memorable. He was one such student not only because of what he gained from this institute but also for what he gave back. His project thesis is being used as a guide by his juniors who are working on similar projects in the DCS system in the institute. I am confident that this trait will continue in your institute as well.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN SYSTEMS ENGG FROM NCSU

He will make comprehensive use of the resources available at your college and endow the research undertaken by your research center to the best of his proficiency. I am sure he will surpass your highest expectations and will make your school proud.  I therefore strongly recommend his application for admission to your esteemed program.SAMPLE LOR FOR MS IN SYSTEMS ENGG FROM NCSU

Mr. _____________
Senior Professor
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