To whomsoever, it may concern,

My interaction with ___________ began at end of his third year of undergraduate studies when he approached me for his final year project. Due to his upbeat academic record and a keen interest in communication, I accepted his request to be his project guide. This has given me the opportunity to assess him both academically and personally during the period of past 7 months. SAMPLE LOR 

The project is concerned with congestion in communication networks, where the focus is on solving the problem using Random Early Detection(RED) algorithm. The project requires a profound understanding of how the communication networks operate to begin with, and in order to learn the various intricacies, he joined a ‘Converged Communications’ course with MTNL, a Govt. of India owned wire and wireless telecom operator, during his summer break. Here, his fundamental understanding of networks increased considerably as he was exposed to practically implemented systems and thus he was better equipped to handle the project. This example shows that he goes out of his way in order to achieve the goals he has set his eyes on.  This also exhibits a high degree of initiative in continuously striving to update his knowledge.

In the 7th semester, I saw him and his team performing background research for the project such as a study of the Network Simulator and the RED algorithm. This effort led to his team demonstrating a small-scale mock-up of the final simulation. I am sure that he and the group members will complete the project mid-way next semester. If time permits, they even plan to employ different types of RED to improve efficiency. The project plans, documentation, prototypes, etc have been meticulous and he has been an instrumental part of the team through the various milestones of the project. Throughout the project, he has never been hesitant to clear his doubts and is always looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of the project.

I have also come to know through my colleagues who have taught him that he is very inquisitive and zealous individual by nature. His fondness for communications is evident from the fact that all his elective subjects have been Communications related.

Personally, I would say he will be a welcome and worthwhile addition to your reputed institution. With single-minded devotion to his work and his relentless pursuit for knowledge, I am sure of him having a very promising future ahead. A degree from your prestigious university will assist him in achieving his career goals. I wish him all the best in life.

Mr. _____________
Senior Professor
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