As I went up on stage to collect my award of merit on graduation day, amidst the loud clamor of applause, the Principal of my high school asked, “What do you see yourself as in the future?” I replied firmly, saying “Scientist”. When asked today, I stand by my statement. The past four years as a student of Pharmacy have only reiterated my desire to pursue a career in research. The idea of delving into the unknown has always enticed me. It is my passion for Human Anatomy, Pharmacology, and the Biochemistry that continues to propel me to the field of research. In this regard, I wish to pursue a Ph.D. in the Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences with an advanced concentration in Physiology and Pharmacology, focusing on Neurobiology and CNS Disorders.

My pursuit for excellence has led me to consistently rank among the top ten of my undergraduate class at ________________.  During the past three years, I was exposed to a vast gamut of subjects. The whole process of drug discovery, uncovering its actions in the body and pharmacokinetic properties kept me captivated from the very outset. From the time the subject of Anatomy and Pathophysiology was introduced, it was the Central Nervous System and its disorders, like drug addiction, neuronal debility and psychiatric disorders that fascinated me the most. To get clinical exposure, I worked under a psychiatrist, who not only gave me a diaphanous insight into some of these illnesses but also let me assist him on the psychological testing of patients. This stint got me further engrossed into the field of Neurobiology.

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