| Sample SOP for ECE – This a Statement of Purpose of a student who got admitted to UCLA for the Masters in ECE program. |
Sample SOP for ECE
As technological paradigms shift on a decadal basis, the existing conventional forms of technology would soon become redundant and inefficient. Cellular technology, a dream of the past, has now become a deep-rooted way of life. Sample SOP for ECE

University campuses, corporate work areas are going Wi-Fi and such a powerful tool would soon make cable look like a dinosaur. Wireless Communications can be one of the tools to take Information Technology to the backwaters of rural India and help create enlightened and educated citizens. Research projects like Ad-Hoc Networks, Multipath routing and Mobile Wireless Networks currently being undertaken in the field of Wireless Communication have caught my interest. The potential research opportunities coupled with my aptitude and drive has been one of my prime motives to seek a specialization in this field. Sample SOP for ECE

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” This idea by one of the great genius, Thomas Alva Edison, has been one of my abiding resolutions.  The relentless pursuit towards achieving perfection has made me perform to the very best of my abilities. Hard work, discipline and commitment have shaped my academic career to date. I have maintained an aggregate of more than 70% in all my six semesters and am currently ranked 2nd in a class of 80 students. My academic performance secured me the prestigious JRD Tata scholarship for three consecutive years in Engineering. Sample SOP for ECE

The inherent drive to pursue practical and research work has led me to be constantly involved with many technical activities during my undergraduate education. I have carried out various projects in the field of Communications and Robotics. Currently I am working on a project at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre which involves the development of an Internet enabled Robot using the TCP/IP/Ethernet protocol for the remote monitoring of position and velocity. The TCP/IP stack is implemented on an AVR microcontroller which is connected to a LAN. The research on the project has given me a great insight into the fundamentals of Networked Robots and has introduced me to new areas of this field. Sample SOP for ECE

While working on a project termed ‘Activity Communicator’ at IIT, Bombay under Dr. M.S. Agarwal, I received an opportunity to explore the depths of Wireless Communications. The project was a cost-effective simple implementation of a twin axis controlled robotic arm. At the transmitting end, a potential divider circuit converts mechanical motion of shaft into electrical signals that are amplitude modulated and replicated at the receiving end after demodulation. Although the project was built on a small scale, its practical applications include telerobotic surgery and distance education. The project consists of readily available and cheap discrete components such as motors, OP- Amp’s and potentiometers, which make it versatile. The research coupled with the implementation has given me clarity on the various dimensions of Wireless Technology and its potential to elevate the quality of human life. Sample SOP for ECE

My philosophy, that it is imperative for an individual to excel in all departments in order to sharpen his personality, has led to me maintaining a strong extra-curricular record. I have been a part of various IEEE and CSI festivals for Technical Paper Presentations and Robotics. In order to enhance my knowledge in this field, I presented a study paper on Bluetooth Technologies at SPARK’03 explaining the fundamentals of Communications via the Bluetooth Network. The work on this paper gave me an in-depth knowledge about the functioning of Bluetooth Technology and was awarded the first prize. Sample SOP for ECE

I have also assumed leadership roles in several social organizations in order to hone my communicative and organizational abilities. The most challenging task is to head my home organization called SHREE KRISHNA KALYAN KENDRA where I manage the distribution of incentives to around 1000 underprivileged students every year which has helped me immensely in shaping the human being that I am. Apart from that, I regularly organize blood and eye donation camps under The Rotary Club of India and Help-Age India. These experiences have refined my leadership, humanitarian, team-building and interpersonal skills. Sample SOP for ECE

I believe that undergraduate studies have prepared me well to undergo the challenges of graduate coursework. A Masters in Wireless Communications from _______ University would further expand my horizons in the field and provide me with the opportunity to fully realize my potential and make me a competent professional in life. The distinguished faculty and reputable research facilities would provide me with an ideal opportunity to realize my research objectives. I would like to associate myself with research projects such as Intelligent Wireless Networks and Multipath Routing that are currently being undertaken at _______. Working under the guidance of the distinguished researchers at your University would be an extremely enriching experience. Sample SOP for ECE

In my view, acquisition of knowledge should not be the sole objective when admitted to a University. If given an opportunity, I would work in my fullest capacity to serve your institution by publishing technical papers and conducting seminars, thereby helping the juniors and my batch mates. It would be a wonderful experience to help the professors in their research work and be a part of the social work carried out by the institution.

I sincerely hope that University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) finds my background and qualifications in accordance to their standards and provides me with the opportunity to learn from its esteemed academic faculty. Sample SOP for ECE