| Sample SOP for IE- This a Statement of Purpose of a student who got admitted to Purdue for the Masters in IE program. |
Sample SOP for IE

FIRST DRAFT of the SOP given by the Student:Sample SOP for IE

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”Sample SOP for IE

I have always believed that your future is in your hands, and to fulfil your life’s ambitions you need to work towards it. Maximising profits has been the goal of industries since a long time and to achieve it one needs to optimize the use of man, material and time. In short optimization is the key to the success of any organization, and it can take any form from using the latest technology to maximising use of resources. Problem solving and decision making skills are required for the success of any organization. In order to professionally develop these skills and to gain knowledge of optimization techniques I intend to pursue Masters in Industrial Engineering and Operational Research at your reputed university.  Sample SOP for IE

My interest in learning about the working of organizations started in school itself where I opted for Commercial Applications as one of my electives, as part of this subject I learnt about business communication with an organization, finance and accounting along with an understanding of Human resource and marketing. I also got the opportunity to take economics in my 12th standard where I got a chance to know about the different types of markets along with the role in solving economics problems and about the connectivity of demand and supply.Sample SOP for IE

Moreover throughout my school and junior college I had performed well in Mathematics, giving a number of scholarship and Olympiad exams. My interest in science and technology coupled with my aim of expanding my current knowledge of Mathematics I decided to pursue a career in engineering since mathematics is a part of two out of four years of the engineering curriculum. Getting admission into Sardar Patel College of Engineering, one of the most reputed colleges in India enabled me to learn various topics in maths over the four semesters such as Probability, Statistics, differential equations and matrices. I consistently performed well in the subject where the fourth semester included probability distribution and sampling which is essential for data analysis and modelling in which I scored full marks. I learnt about curve fitting, linear algebraic equations and numerical differentiation and integration along with its solutions in Numerical techniques which formed a part of my third semester curriculum and of which Maths forms a central part. My course in Digital Signal Processing enabled me to learn topics such as Laplace transform, Z transform, filter designing and Fourier transform which has many applications in the communications field. Electrical Engineering gave me an opportunity to obtain practical as well as theoretical knowledge of C, C++. I received practical knowledge of MATLAB which I required for simulations in subjects such as Digital Signal Processing and Control Systems I have also worked in the area of microcontroller programming and embedded C with regard to 8051 microcontroller, where I had undertaken a mini project on water level controller based on 8051 microcontroller where continuous monitoring of water in an overhead tank is done by sensors , the project aimed to prevent wastage of water by indicating the status of water level by an LCD. The most challenging part was to develop the code in C to make the project work which was successful after rigorous research. I have also been able to develop my soft skills with subjects like Communication Skills and Presentation and Communication Techniques where we were required to work in a group and give presentations along with debates and group discussions. Currently I am also taking a course in Supply Chain Management.  Sample SOP for IE

In my third year I received an opportunity to work at Larsen & Toubro in the Product Life Cycle Department, my primary task was testing of under voltage releases by operating them in a moulded case circuit breaker, and steps were taken to improve it breaking capacity while working on improving certain features. Working at a big organization such as L&T helped me getting a better understanding of the working of large organizations and work environment. I have also interned at Global Automation Systems in my second year, where I dealt with the supply of electrical products such as sensors and PLC’S from the dealer to end user customers along with the quotation and specification of products.  Sample SOP for IE

My subjects and projects motivated me to further my knowledge and take up a career in industrial engineering. Currently my final year project is Magnetic Levitation Generator which uses the magnetic levitation principle to generate electricity, the permanent magnets are so arranged on the stator and rotor that they repel each other and drive the generator. Initial mechanical input is provided via a motor, this project aims to solve the problem of electricity shortage in India by using repulsion of magnets for generation. Losses are minimised and cost involved is less. I have also written review papers in the field of Power System Automation and Programmable Logical Controller which basically revolves around reducing man’s effort to do any task, and gives a basic understanding of the architecture and function of power system automation such as control, monitoring and protection. Sample SOP for IE

Besides academics I have been involved in few extracurricular activities as well such as taking part in number of sports activities during departmental festivals and participated in National Sports Meet for badminton. I have actively taken part in college cultural festivals and served as a coordinator. I have also been socially active by taking part in Alexis Society’s Republic Week Event for donation of clothes, and The United Nations Green-A Bag Event. I have been involved in collecting donations for those afflicted by leprosy and involved in Lions Club activities to teach unfortunate children.  Sample SOP for IE

I have understood that Industrial Engineering today has a wide scope, and my courses coupled with internships has reignited my interest in IEOR. Receiving education at one of the most reputed universities will get me a step closer to my dreams, research and education under the finest faculty will surely help me in fulfilling my career aspirations and adding to my knowledge. I believe that my qualities of hard work, perseverance make me a suitable candidate for your university for graduate study. Sample SOP for IE

FINAL DRAFT of the SOP created by the Counsellor:Sample SOP for IE

As a core engineer, I have always been curious about the manufacturing sector and the various processes that have to work seamlessly in an industrial plant to achieve the desired results. In particular, the ‘Kaizen’ technique, which essentially refers to continuous process improvement and is employed by Toyota, caught my attention. While most companies struggle to ensure that they have the ‘right’ level of inventory, what particularly impressed me about Toyota was its attempt to minimize inventory, and thereby inventory management costs, through employing the ‘Just-In-Time’ policy. Further, the order-based production strategy enables Toyota to cut down on over-production. Also, by inviting inputs from employees towards improvement in processes, the company has managed to evolve a highly lean manufacturing system, which helps it to achieve a substantial reduction in production time, waste, labour costs and quality deviations. It is a classic example of how building an effective production strategy enhances a firm’s operational sustainability. Sample SOP for IE

Reading on such cases has fuelled my interest in the field of operations research. I envision myself as a Process Consultant working with reputed consulting firms like Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers. I hope to enable my clients to take informed business decisions by generating data-driven insights in terms of demand projections and analysing business requirements, and providing solutions for process optimization through techniques like six sigma. In order to achieve these goals, I intend to pursue a Masters in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Arizona State University. Sample SOP for IE

I was introduced to the working of organizations through the elective courses in Commercial Applications and Economics during my school days. My growing interest in the domains of technology and mathematics led me to pursue my undergraduate engineering degree. Courses in Applied Mathematics helped me to learn various statistical concepts and tools that are fundamental for data analysis. Also, the on-going course in Project Management has enabled me to gain awareness about the various process design techniques like CPM-PERT and project evaluation methods like DCF, IRR, Benefit-Cost and Social Cost-Benefit Analyses. I also obtained an introduction to the methods of managing risks for a project. In addition, the curriculum afforded an opportunity to become proficient in programming languages such as C and C++ as well as MATLAB. Sample SOP for IE

Besides classroom lectures, the curriculum provided me with ample opportunities to experiment and research. I have completed a project involving the design and development of a water level controller based on the AT89c51 microcontroller. The water level probes were connected to the respective ports of the microcontroller, and programming was done in such a manner that the status of water level in a container would be displayed on an LCD, e.g., full, half full, 3/4th full or empty. A connected motor switches off when the container is empty and switches on when full. The project gave me practical knowledge into the working of a microcontroller and programming in embedded C. Sample SOP for IE

On the research front, I have written review papers on Power System Automation and Programmable Logical Controllers. The papers explored applications of technology to reduce human effort in various tasks. Another paper that I published titled ‘Power System Stability Improvement using FACT devices’ dealt with the benefits and comparison of different FACT devices with the purpose of improving power system operation. Sample SOP for IE

I also underwent an industrial training with Infinium Precious Resources Ltd. in the Production Planning Department wherein I gained insights into the refining processes of precious and base metals. I witnessed the moulding of the refined metal to produce value-added products that are marketed commercially like medallions, coins, billets and metal powders. Also, I got acquainted with supply chain process involved in coin minting at Infinium. Sample SOP for IE

Power outages continue to be a major problem in India, and in an attempt to address the issue, I am currently working on my final year project titled ‘Magnetic Levitation Generator’. We are in the process of finalizing our prototype model, which would be scaled up to commercial level subsequently. The project aims to develop a generator-system that consists of permanent magnets on the stator and rotor, which are arranged such that the like poles continuously repel each other to impart rotation of the rotor. Thus, on application of the initial mechanical input, the generator will continue to function by magnetic levitation. By choosing the appropriate materials, we aim to minimize production costs.

In my junior year, I undertook an internship with Larsen & Toubro Ltd., where I worked with the Product Life Cycle Department in their Switchgear Design and Development Center. Here, my tasks involved testing of Under-Voltage Releases (UVRs) in a moulded case circuit breaker. The UVRs cause the breaker to trip when the supply voltage falls below a specific threshold value. Steps were taken to improve its pick up voltage and current characteristics while also noting its drop off voltage and current by changing certain structural features like its housing, core and plunger type. The internship provided me an ideal platform to apply the concepts taught in the classroom setting to an industrial problem and also nurtured my skill for problem-solving by comparative analysis of solutions. Sample SOP for IE

Besides academics, I have been involved in extracurricular activities with a view of developing my personality holistically. I participated in a number of sporting events during inter-department sports festivals in addition to playing badminton competitively at the National Sports Meet. I have been actively involved in college cultural festivals and served as a coordinator. I have also been socially active by taking part in Alexis Society’s Republic Week Event for donation of clothes, and Green Revolution Green-A Bag Event, a cause supported by United Nations. I have also been involved with Janakalyan Sevashram, a non-profit organization that works towards spreading of literacy among underprivileged children. I look forward to engaging in such endeavours at ASU. Sample SOP for IE

At this stage, I believe pursuing my graduate studies from ASU would provide the perfect catalyst to embark towards my career aspirations. The curriculum offered at the University, which includes courses in Supply Chain Management, and Information Systems Engineering would help me gain relevant knowledge in areas of mathematical modelling, production logistics and resource optimization. I particularly look forward to the special program in Engineering Logistics under Dr. Esma Gel and Dr. Rene Villalobos. I am excited at the prospect of benefitting from learning under eminent and knowledgeable faculty and enjoying the privilege of undertaking research at the state-of-the-art facilities. The current research on Production Logistics under Professor Ronald Askin and Enterprise systems under Professor Dan Shunk are aligned with my interests, and I hope to contribute to the same. I also look forward to interacting with like-minded students as part of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and INFORMS student chapter of ASU. Such involvements would serve to broaden the vistas of knowledge and would certainly add a fillip to my career growth. I eagerly look forward to being a part of the Fall 2016 incoming class. Sample SOP for IE

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