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Sample SOP for Public Health Management
Swine flu, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, Chikungunya, Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Obesity and Diabetes are some of the emerging diseases and lifestyle disorders whose incidences are on the rise. The current arsenals of drugs and public healthcare facilities have been inadequate in curbing these menaces and providing total relief to patients. With an increased international emphasis on quality of life, there is an immediate need to optimize current medical and pharmaceutical resources to develop well organized and effective healthcare delivery systems that will lead to superior health outcomes. Moreover, stringent policies at the local, national and international levels need to be established that will govern the successful administration of equitable health and medical facilities. My decision to pursue a Masters in Public Health with concentration in Health Policy and Management has stemmed from my desire to understand the complex relationship between pharmaceutical companies, insurance agencies, non-profit organizations, government bodies and the healthcare industry. This will help me to contribute to the delivery of timely, affordable and effective healthcare to patients in regulated and semi-regulated markets and in establishing policies that strengthen these objectives. A graduate study in Public Health from University of California, Los Angeles will propel me in the right direction to achieve my career goals. Sample SOP for Public Health Management 

Coming from a family of doctors, I was exposed to the field of medicine since childhood. During summer trips to the hospital and community clinics, I found myself interested in learning about the vaccines and medicines given to avert disease and understand the manner in which the various departments synchronized their efforts to treat patients successfully. It was during healthcare discussions that we often had at home I realized that besides improving current medical procedures, awareness about better individual and population health behavior and an increased access to safe, economical healthcare facilities was requisite. This prompted me to undertake the Sciences as a major in high school. My persistent efforts helped me secure the highest aggregate in the Sciences at the board examinations amongst my peers at Jai Hind College. My academic merit and enthusiasm towards Biology and Chemistry led me to pursue Pharmacy at the undergraduate level. Sample SOP for Public Health Management

While studying Pharmacy at the Institute of Chemical Technology, a premier institution in pharmaceutical sciences in India, I gained a comprehensive insight into the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. From the vast array of subjects that we learnt, the courses on pharmacology, human psychology and pharmaceutical management particularly interested me. They gave me a profound understanding of the relationship between the human body’s response to diseases, pharmaceutical knowledge applied to prevent and treat these diseases and management of pharmaceutical companies. With relentless hard work and commitment, I stood first in my first year with 79%, and have been consistently amongst the top four students henceforth. I have also been nominated as Best Student of the penultimate Year. My undergraduate study has provided me with a strong foundation in pharmacy which will help me to progress in a specialized area of the healthcare industry. Sample SOP for Public Health Management

During my undergraduate study, I have explored the technique of Umbilical Cord stem cells used to treat ailments using the information available in several journals and research papers to better understand the topic. My study encompassed harvesting and preservation of cord cells and the economics of their storage in private and public enterprises. It included the future applications of cord cells in treating Type 1 Diabetes, cardiovascular problems and neuronal disorders as well as related drugs used to maintain successful treatment after introduction of cord cells into the body. Presenting my research at various prestigious competitions helped me gain confidence about my analysis of the subject and extended my understanding of the implications that new biotechnological avenues have on successful treatment of diseases. Sample SOP for Public Health Management

An internship at Muktavan Pharmaceuticals, a local bulk drug manufacturer and Cipla, a multinational pharmaceutical company has provided me with an insight into the workings of the pharmaceutical industry. At Muktavan, I observed their production, sales and marketing process and did a market research analysis for their products, focusing on parameters such as efficacy, cost-effectiveness, consumer demographics and sales turnover. At Cipla, I was exposed to the international drug markets, health policies and regulations and healthcare models. Moreover, being an avid reader of magazines like ‘Pharma Buzz’ and ‘Global Health’ has kept me informed about the latest scientific advancements and public health issues. All these exposures helped me realize that it was the challenging, diverse problems of public health that enthused me the most and has made my resolve to be part of this field even stronger. Sample SOP for Public Health Management

The interdisciplinary, rigorous curriculum for the Masters in Public Health with concentration in Health Policy and Management at the University of California, Los Angeles which involves a summer internship and relevant report on organizational problems will provide me with a holistic understanding of public health issues. A deep understanding of economics, sociology, financial theory and political and management sciences will further and prepare me adequately to succeed in this field and achieve my goals. I aspire to establish a healthcare outfit that will bring about a radical change in global healthcare by focusing on the prevention and awareness about disease states and provision of high-quality, cost-effective medical facilities. Through this organization, I aim to promote mergers and strategic-alliances between healthcare providers, insurance agencies and health policy architects across the world for the delivery of affordable, timely healthcare to global citizens.

While the curriculum at UCLA is captivating, the opportunity of conducting research in diverse healthcare areas such as access to care, health disparities, global health and emerging infectious diseases is exciting. I look forward to interacting with the diverse student body at your university and being involved in the International Graduate Student Association and other student groups. Through the years I have been actively involved in various extracurricular activities such as dance, drama, choir and debates which have contributed to my holistic development. Also, having been a school prefect, a member of the student council and the organizing committee of my college festival Manzar, I have had ample opportunity to interact with people from varied backgrounds and professions and to develop my leadership and organizational skills. The UCLA experience will help to further enhance my management abilities and interpersonal skills.

I believe the opportunity of cross-functional study at UCLA under the guidance of an elite panel of professors and distinguished alumni will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuit. Being a cutting edge research based institute with strong healthcare ties nationally and globally, I am convinced that a graduate education from the University of California, Los Angeles will provide me with the knowledge and skills indispensable to succeed in a world of rapid scientific and healthcare advancement. Sample SOP for Public Health Management