The Diagnostic test will measure students’ understanding of a subject area or skills base and thereby enable the professors to determine the weak areas.It is administered online, with questions replicating the difficulty level of the official SAT Exam.

Which Test To Take

At Collegepond, we are focused on guiding students and helping them navigate through the process of deciding which test the student should focus on, ACT or SAT. We create a comprehensive plan to aid the students in getting their desired results.

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The process starts with evaluating the test platforms that will enable you to maximize your score. At the outset we will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses per topic in order to understand efforts required to master the same. A personalized plan of action will consequently be developed for each student in addition to determining whether the student requires coaching. Best SAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai


Our program is geared to help you to study smart. Understudying may lead to under performance while overstudying may lead to fatigue and exhaustion. The key is to determine the optimal study period to achieve maximum results. Best SAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai

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Most parents and students assume that the longer one prepares for the exam, the higher their probability of better performance.While that may be true for some, our statistical results have shown that quantity of time does not directly co-relate to performance. Best SAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai


• A small class size with maximum 10 students.

• Personalized attention to each student.

• Experienced faculty sharing tips and techniques to solve problems efficiently.

• Resourcefully managing speed and time.

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This is an essential part of our coaching methodology. At Collegepond we want to ensure that students receive continuous feedback regarding their mastery of concepts in areas of weaknesses. Best SAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai


Collegepond understands that students are extremely occupied with their school and extracurricular activities. We also understand that traveling to our centers may be difficult and time consuming. Therefore, we offer undergraduate test preparation services at your doorstep.We will create a personalized schedule for the student and tutor them from the comfort of their home. Best SAT Coaching Classes in Mumbai

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Hours of Preparation
Years of Experience

Our Success

Our SAT tutors have thousands of hours of combined experience which has helped ambitious students improve their standardized test scores and get into the most competitive universities.

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" My score increased by 300 points after SAT preparation from Collegepond. I would really like to thank the entire team of Collegepond for all their help and support. Would recommend to all. "
Girish P:
" Their methodology is very effective when it comes to learning and helps in dealing with the exam stress. Thanks to the entire team overall it has been a great experience. "
Satya R:
" CP has a well thought out streamlined course that offers practical strategies for getting better scores. I strongly recommend Collegepond to everyone who wish to study abroad. "
Karan D:
" My score went up more than 300 points. Overall it has been a great experience with them and I would like to thank the entire team for their endless help, guidance and support. "
Shreya G:
" The teachers make it fun and easy to handle complex topics. They help you climb the ladder to success! I cannot thank them enough and will definitely recommend them to my friends! "
Ishaan J:
" The classes were fun and I continually felt like I was making progress. The guidance offered helped me to keep the tension and anxiety at the minimum. Thankyou so much. "
Saurabh S:
" I improved my SAT score with the help of amazing teachers. I’m coming closer to my goal. Thankyou for all the guidance and help. "
Gaurav K:
" The Excellent Staff taught me the Strategies to effortlessly raise scores. Collegepond made my journey very easy starting from SAT till today. "
Priyank M:
" I loved the staff and positive environment & my score went up over 400 points! I could not thank them enough for all their help. "
Sneha V:
" Collegepond helped me to improve my SAT score largely. The guidance offered helped me keep the anxiety to minimum and get into the best university. "
Chitan B:
" CP has helped me more than I ever imagined with their great teachers. I could always seek their help and advice. It has been a great experience. "
Atharva M:
" You learn a ton of information at CP and I now feel comfortable taking the SAT. Thank You team Collegepond for being there for me throughout this journey. "
Palak R:
" Collegepond has awesome teachers who helped me with a lot of different areas. Their comprehensive material aided me to cover the entire portion smoothly. In general, I loved the whole experience with Collegepond. "
Priti K:
" It was a big help if you pay attention and finish your work regularly. I raised my score by 320 points. With their correct guidance, I was successful in getting an admit in my dream university. I will definitely recommend it to my friends! Thanks!! "
Chetna P:
" Their study tricks & insightful guidance helped to better me on my SAT. My doubts and grievances were addressed immediately with patience and I received a lot of personal attention throughout. Thankyou for everything. "
Aaditya M:
" Collegepon got my essays from a 3 to a 10. They have awesome teachers who helped me with a lot of different areas. I am glad to select them as my tutors. "
Shailee K:
" It seemed like an arduous task initially to get the right score to get into top universities, but Collegepond simplified it. They have streamlined processes and friendly advisors to guide you at every stage. "
Keval D:
" I really loved the way they teach, clearing conceptual doubts and providing tips to deal with the time. They have been absolutely amazing and feel confident that I will do well on the SAT. "
Ketaki M:
" Collegepond definitely helped me for the SATs. They gave me easy strategies to get through it and now I’m not panicking anymore. "
Raghav S:
" This is probably the only class I have ever looked forward to going to. The teachers are fun, and the tips are definitely helpful. "
Kartik K:
" Teaching sessions were educative and well planned. The teacher’s fun personality made people actually want to learn. "
Mahek R:
" The one-on-one coaching at Collegepond is really good. Their individual focus and flexibility in the coaching enabled me to prepare for SAT in a stress-free manner. "
Joel M:
" I am really thankful to them for being instrumental in achieving my dreams. I got into the best school due to their expertise in the fied. "
Shaurya M:
" Collegepond helped keep me motivated throughout the SAT process and because of them, I raised my score by a little over 300 points. Highly recommend! "
Parakshit K:

Everything you need for SAT success

Get all the tools and resources that you will need
to succeed on test day with Collegepond SAT Classes

Diagnostic Tests

Unlimited access to library

Enough Practice Material

Doubt clearing sessions

Proven, score-raising strategies

Authentic Mock Papers

Worksheets during classes

Tutors with 10 years of exp

Excellent track record

In-depth review of answers and explanations

  • 15 sessions, 2 hours each
  • In-person coaching
  • 5 Mock tests with analysis
  • Timed practice in class
  • Princeton and Kaplan Books
  • 15 sessions, 2 hours each
  • In person coaching
  • 5 Mock tests with analysis
  • Timed practice in class
  • Princeton Book

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