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R.D Sethna Scholarship Fund 1st April each year 31 May each year http://bit.ly/2DvrtGv 91 22 2207 7044
J N Tata Endowment March, 2018 till 12.00 noon 12th March, 2018 till 12.00 merit list, should be an indian citizen, Loan Scholarsip http://bit.ly/2nRaW6R 91 22 66657774, 66657198, 66657681
K C Mahindra Trust 1st February 31st march Postgraduate studies in engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Medicine, Business Management, Military, Naval and Aviation Sciences. http://bit.ly/2DxanIc (022) 2202 1031
The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation January for every academic year. march 15th Indian nationals residing in India.Students below 30 years of age.Graduates of a recognised university (students in the final year of a degree course and those awaiting their results are also eligible to apply). loan (interest free)schol http://bit.ly/2Dvs2A7 91 22 61326200
Ahmedabad Parsi Panchayat http://bit.ly/2G5PotU 91-265-2793979
Bombay Parsi Panchayat Higher Education Committee March/April Not Mentioned Loan Scholarsip Word file 022-22617421/22/23/23641118
Iranian Zoroastrain Anjuman Not Mentioned Not Mentioned Gift Scholarsip Word file 022- 2040401
Bulsar Parsi Anjuman Trust Funds 1st April each year Not Mentioned http://bit.ly/2Bj0fNq 91-22-42226789
Calcutta Zoroastrain Community’s Religious & Charity Fund Not Mentioned Given only to Calcutta students Word file Tel 033- 22827851
Parsi Panchayat Vadodara Not Mentioned Only given to students from Vadodara http://bit.ly/2Bk300S 0265 2793979
Billimora Parsi Zoroastrain Trust Fund Not Mentioned Scholarship given only to Billimora residents Word file 0264-285576
Delhi Parsi Anjuman Registered Trust Not Mentioned Only given to Delhi students. Word file 011- 23238615,23231228
The Incorporated Zoroastrain Charity Fund of Hongkong,Canton and Macao Loan Scholarsip Word file 852 23327331
Lotus Trust 1st April 15th May Loan, returnable after student graduates /: Postgraduate studies /Non-Parsis as well. GIFT Scholarship http://bit.ly/2DzKWFa (91)-(22)-22034279, 22053092, 22036724
K.B Doctor Trust 022 3395 6948 Ext- 465
World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust No deadline No deadline Post Graduate studies in India & Overseas Given only to Parsis http://bit.ly/2n0JylE 022-23684451, 23684452, 23684453
Manekji and Shirinbhai Neterwala Trust May July All degrees Loan Scholarship http://bit.ly/2G4xQ0X (022) 2201 7130, 2201 5895
Shapoorji pallonji Mistry and Bhai Alamai Shapoorji Mistry Charity Trust none none No restrictions http://bit.ly/2rtOpAq (022) 2287 1040
Pirojshah Godrej Memorial Trust To apply in early April http://bit.ly/2ruRT5y 22365858
Bai Ratanbai & Seth Jehangir Pardiwala Charity Trust No deadline No deadline gift scholarship http://bit.ly/2n0baqU 022 23716799 (residence),9820842775,9820379781
Dhakleshwar Temple Trust Applications accepted throughout the year Applications accepted throughout the year All fields Scholarship http://bit.ly/2mYyHIK (022) 2492 1194
Bai Dhunmai & Cawasji Dadabhoy Sanatorium Trust Only for Parsi students. Gift Scholarship (In The Range Of Rs. 3000 To 10,000) http://bit.ly/2G3jgab 022-22644874
H.M Mehta Trust http://bit.ly/2mZGiXA 022-66756001
Sir Vithaldas Thakersay Charitable Trust Postgraduate studies Loan Scholarship http://bit.ly/2Dza92t 022-22042441
Sir Jamsheji Jeejobhoy Parsi Benevolent Institution 022-22673843
Sir Ratan Tata Trust http://bit.ly/2mYUXkN List of Cutoffs http://www.tatatrusts.org/article/inside/applications-for-scholarships-for-2017-18-is-invited-from-students-pursuing-the-following-bachelor
J.J Charities http://bit.ly/2DxbRBD 020-74103310
The Paul Foundation http://bit.ly/2n0KGFF 3344035617
Nanabhoy Jeejeebhoy Charity Trust Throughout the year Throughout the year All Faculties, especially Medical http://bit.ly/2DuP21X 022-2261 8846
K K Birla Foundation http://bit.ly/2rsZWA1 011-23516480/ 011-2351 6483
American Alumni Association Forms issued in April Grants given in July Pursuing studies in the US http://bit.ly/2F2UPZc 2282 1413, 2282 1485
Seth P F Davar Charitable Trust May http://bit.ly/2F2skL6 022-2261 7421/ 022-2261 7422
S.R Bomanji Charity Trust Applications accepted all year. Funds usually disbursed in July. February Any degree in any field Scholarship for Parsis only http://bit.ly/2Bk23FQ (022) 2267 4489
G.D Gokhale Charitable Trust 31st August All Postgraduate studies http://bit.ly/2DuP21X (022) 2267 3831, 2267 3878, 2267 0881
Cama Charity Fund 022-23871780
Jamshed & Shirin Guzder Trust Applications accepted anytime subject to availability of funds. Professional degrees (graduate and undergraduate) (022) 2261 7020, 2261 3414
The Dinshaw Hormusji Mody and Shirinbai Dinshaw Mody Charitable Trust Forms available from 1st April last date for submissions, 31st May Gift Scholarship http://bit.ly/2DuP21X (022) 2493 3703
Neville Wadia Charity Trust Post 20th April GIFT SCHOLARSHIP http://www.snwf.org/education-aid-form/ 91 22 66193436 / +91 22 6619 3438
WZO trust No deadline No deadline Post Graduate studies in India & Overseas http://bit.ly/2G6TkKS : 022-23684451, 23684452, 23684453
Ushta – te Foundation No deadline No deadline LOAN SCHOLARSHIP http://bit.ly/2DyxBO7 : 26855165,26853114, 26858859
K B Doctor Trust Not Mentioned Not Mentioned For NON PARSIS ALSO Gift Scholarship 022-23614199
H M Mehta Trust 15th May 2018 30th June 2018 Only Student studying in class 1 to class 10 are eligible for freeship. Freeship is at the sole discretion of the trustees. http://bit.ly/2F0b1dK 022- 22664477 / info@hmcharitabletrust.com
Scotland Scholarships August 2018 7th Nov 2019 Direct Online Form http://bit.ly/1o7o663 No contact number given
Phirojshah Godrej Foundation Post 15th May
Lady Meherbai D Tata Education Trust
Not given to engineers, is only for the social and welfare sector