Collegepond holds workshops and seminars for the student and parent community throughout the year.  These workshops are meant to inform and educate students and parents alike regarding various steps in the application process.

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Statement of Purpose (SOP) Writing Seminar

How to start?

What to write?

How to differentiate?

How to tackle specific University questions?

What should be the length?

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an important part of the application.  It provides the Admission Committee a voice to your application.  Besides recommendations, SOP is the only part of the application where you can project yourself to the Admission Committee.  Based on our experience, students with well written SOPs and average academic and GRE results have received admission to universities compared to those with average SOPs and strong academic and GRE results.  In other words, an SOP can make or break your application.

In this seminar, we will discuss how to write an effective SOP.  We will review together and critiqueSOPs written by students, and also discuss how to improve the same.  As part of the seminar, we will also showcase some SOPs of students who have received admission to leading universities with average academics and GRE scores.  Other than the SOP, some colleges ask for other types of essays – personal essays, scholarship essays, etc . We will also discuss strategies to tackle such essays.


Letters of Recommendation Writing Seminar

Whose LOR to take? Prof ? HOD? Principal? Dean? Project Guide?

What to write?

What should be a good length?

How to submit online?

When to submit?

How to convince the Prof to write good things about you?

LORs play an integral role in the application process and complement the SOP.  It provides an outside perspective to your credentials, skills and overall assessment of your abilities.  In this seminar, we will discuss how to write recommendations from a professor, principal, HOD, project guide, or a supervisor at an internship/full time job.  We will discuss and provide examples so that students are clear about what is expected from a recommendation.


Resume Writing Seminar

We will focus on writing Resumes in a US format and focus on the rules that any Resume should have.

We will discuss about the commonly made mistakes and how to make a Resume that is aesthetically appealing and discuss a few samples in class.


University Selection Seminar

Is US News and World rankings the optimal way to select schools?  In this seminar, we will discuss how to select universities based on an individual’s profile and proposed specialization.  We will identify the variables that should be evaluated in determining a school list.  With so many Universities to choose from, we will discuss about the cost factors, the job scenarios, the brand name, the internship opportunities, the courses for which the Universities are famous for, scholarship opportunities, etc.


Financial Documentation Seminar

What financial documentation is required as part of the application process?  This seminar will provide samples of the documentation that should be completed during the application process.  We will tackle questions regarding financial capability letters, bank letters, affidavits along with college specific forms that need to be duly completed during the application process.  We will also discuss the implication of submitting these forms on your child’s US F-1 student visa application.   Finally, we will discuss potential funding avenues available to help you fund your child’s education.


The schedules for these seminars for the 2013 – 2014 year are listed below:

The fee to attend the seminar is Rs. 2,000.  Students who are enrolled in Collegepond do not have to pay for these seminars and/or workshops.  Seating is limited.  To register for these workshops, please email at