“My philosophy all my life has been the pursuit of excellence”. – John Kluge.

I share Mr. Kluge’s approach towards life. As an individual, I have always undertaken each and every endeavor with a sense of passion and commitment. I have been brought up to respect an individual based on his knowledge rather than his wealth. These moral values that have been instilled in me by my parents, will hold me in good stead in the years to come. These intellectual skills are the single driving force behind my zeal to study Material Science. The urge to learn more and contribute to the field of Material Science has driven the course of my academic career for all these years, including my current decision to pursue graduate study.

The world of material science has intrigued me ever since I began my freshmen year of engineering. In today’s modern era where there have been rapid advancements in the field of technology, we cannot even imagine a single invention, which does not have the involvement of material science in it. Most engineered objects are made from synthetic materials.  Engineers invent, develop, study, and test these materials, which directly influence technological advancements, improve the quality of human life, and impact the ability to overcome environmental challenges. My aptitude towards this field and a deep desire to be a part of the next revolutionary changes in the Material Science world, coupled with my pursuit for perfection has motivated me to apply to (univ) for graduate studies with a focus on composites structures, nanomaterials and design of Advanced process materials.

Post completion of my graduate degree, I intend to join the rank of selected firms involved in research and development.   I hope to work on developing nano-engineered materials that are used in display screens of computers, cell phones and other electronic devices by making them much more flexible, lighter weight, better in picture density, lower power consumption, and longer lifetimes. In order to realize this goal, (particular university) would be the ideal platform, which would provide me with an in-depth knowledge and the competence to pursue excellence in my chosen vocation.

The undergraduate curriculum in chemical engineering from _____ which is affiliated to the Mumbai University and constitutes amongst the top 1% of all engineering colleges in India, has given me a comprehensive exposure to a myriad of chemical engineering subjects such as process calculations, fluid flow, heat transfer and mass transfer operations.  These courses have helped me establish a solid foundation upon which I can build and increase my knowledge further. I managed an outstanding score in subjects like Advanced Chemistry, Process calculations and Mass Transfer and am ranked in the top 10% of the class. I received an excellent score of 21 out of 25 in my oral exam in Process Calculations and thus was amongst the top 5 in the class to do so.

Innovation in materials science and processing will be a powerful enabler of long-term national and global targets for energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction. Realizing the significant potential in this field, I decided to pursue my final year project based on ‘Carbon Capture Sequestration and Storage’ which deals with the applications of how the captured carbon can be effectively used in a variety of industries. My performance and efforts have been frequently lauded by my mentor. I am looking forward to completing the project in my last semester of my bachelor’s degree and come up with substantial results, which can contribute significantly in the carbon capture sector.

My affinity towards this field further strengthened when I was working on a state level Technical Paper Presentation based on ‘Dye sensitized solar cells’. I drew inspiration for this topic by following up on the research of ________ at University of Pennsylvania.  The paper helped me in learning the basic fundamentals of materials and I also developed a sense of understanding of the intricate technologies that are incorporated into one another that go into the functioning of a solar cell.

In order to gain practical knowledge beyond the four walls of the classroom, I interned with__________. This plant deals with a variety of industrial grade chemicals. My experience exposed me to the functioning’s of the plant and I got an overview of the various departments like production, finance, planning, operations and quality control. I realized the importance of a good operational regime required for smooth functioning of the plant and the interdependency of departments on each other. Overall all it was an experience which was rich in knowledge and was an eye opener as to how things actually work in an industry and how different they are from what I have learnt in college.

I have never let my academic pursuits dampen my spirit for participating in extracurricular activities. While at ____, I became a member of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers. In my second year, I was part of the college Logistics Team and also won a press conference event and a quiz in the cultural festival in the same year. I have organized industrial visits for my entire college department to the Plants of Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers (RCF) and Sudarshan Chemicals near Mumbai. I have also actively participated in a National seminar cum Workshop based on Water and Energy: Sustainability and Security for Future Needs (WAVE) which was hosted by the student chapter of my college.  These activities have helped me sharpen my managerial and inter-personal skills and trained me to meet deadlines, cope with stress, manage financial aspects and develop my communication skills. With these credentials, I look forward to active participation in various clubs and events at U penn.      

Continual progress is the key to life. And for progress, knowledge and proper guidance are the essentials. The distinguished faculty and excellent facilities at University of Pennsylvania makes its graduate program ideally suited to help me embark towards my career objectives. It would provide me with the right impetus, skill sets and experience with which I can grow and become an adept professional.

I firmly believe that “the best way to learn is to learn from the best” and this constitutes the true motivation behind my present application. I therefore, file this application with the knowledge that I am applying to one of the leading universities in this field. With a strong conviction in my knowledge and ability, I hope to not only become a part of your exciting academic environment but also make a significant contribution to the Department of Material Science of the University of Pennsylvania.