Stream Change After Graduation | MS in US

Overtime, of your graduate studies, you may find that your interest in your chosen field of study is waning and that your real passion lies in a different field in which you don’t have any professional experience. What do you do then? Continue studying in the field that you know you don’t wish to pursue? Or make a change and switch to a field that is aligned with your interests? Is it possible to transition from one field to the other? The answer is yes. Getting a master’s degree in a field that is different from your undergraduate degree is challenging, but not impossible. Changing streams after graduation can be tricky, but is certainly possible and in no way hinders your chances of a successful career.  The switch should be made only after doing a detailed research and careful analysis. Here are a few pointers that will help you to make a smooth transition from one stream to the other. Stream Change After Graduation

  1. Take advise from current professors Stream Change After Graduation

Professors are available to facilitate your success and wish for your well-being, and it is always a good idea to talk to them regarding their opinions about changing fields. However, you need to convince them that switching fields is in your best interest. They may either advise changing fields or enlighten you to new avenues of exploration in your current field. Their valuable advice is sure to help you accomplish your goals.

  1. Take up related courses Stream Change After Graduation

Let’s assume that you have a bachelor’s degree in accountancy, and you wish to pursue a master’s degree in healthcare management. To ensure that you can easily transition to a new course, take up courses in healthcare and science before joining the new course. Doing so will give you firsthand experience and will enable you to gain practical insight into the field. Mentioning this on your transcripts will prove that you have some knowledge about the new field, and will also reflect well on your profile.

  1. Take up an internship related to your new field to gain experience

An internship experience which is closely related to your new field is advantageous as it will make the transition smoother. Also, the first-hand experience gained in the field will have a positive impact on your profile. A recommendation letter from a professional in the field you wish to switch to will be a positive point for your application. Stream Change After Graduation

  1. Become familiar with the language of the field Stream Change After Graduation

Learning to speak the language of your new field is time-consuming, but will indubitably create a positive impression for you. Being able to converse eloquently and confidently about the various concepts in your field will help you to come across as knowledgeable and credible. Students must aim to become familiar with the professional jargon used in their prospective career by indulging in extensive reading. If you demonstrate that you have the ability to converse well on the subject despite no prior background in that field, then the admission committee will review your application in a positive light. The most effective way to bring this to the notice of the admission committee is to mention this is in your statement of intent, or your admissions essay.

  1. Use your admission essay to convince the admission committee

The committee is interested to know that you are a good fit for the program. Therefore, the main focus while preparing your application should be on demonstrating how your educational background and experiences specifically match the needs of the new program. Through the admission essay, you must convince the admission committee about your genuine interest in the field. Write about the courses you have taken or experiences that illustrate your interest or competence in the intended field of study. Explain the reason for making this transition and how despite being new to the field, your past experiences and background will help you to meet the university expectations and career goals. Stream Change After Graduation

The above pointers will definitely help you to have a stress-free and smooth start in your new field.  Stream Change After Graduation