Japan as we all know is the land of rising sun, at the same time it is one of the most technologically advanced country in the world. The world number three economy (it retained number two position for three decades) is home to many of the fortune 500 companies. Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Hitachi and Sony are some of the names that we are quite familiar with and all of these are headquartered in Japan. With rising India-Japan friendship, Japanese Government has started numerous “Foreign Students Plan” that intends to bring more international students, especially from India. Japan as a country has good natural beauty and a high quality of living, besides having a culture similar to ours. Unlike, in a western country, which often gives you cultural shock and needs couple of months to adjust, Japan is easier and much friendlier place to live and study. Japan for higher education

Shizuoka University

Overseen by the majestic Mt. Fuji, Shizuoka University is located in Shizuoka prefecture which falls between Tokyo and Osaka. It has two campus, one at Hamamatsu which is home to auto companies like SUZUKI, HONDA and YAMAHA, second campus is at Shizuoka which is surrounded by rich nature offers and magnificent views of Mt. Fuji and the Suruga Bay. As a home to number of global fortune 500 companies, Shizuoka provides you with amazing career opportunities in Engineering and Technology. Japan for higher education

Asia Bridge Program (ABP)

Shizuoka University’s Asia Bridge Program (ABP), in collaboration with local governments and global corporation headquartered in Shizuoka prefecture, is designed to educate future global leaders for business and society. The mission is to foster globalization of the Shizuoka community and industry by cultivating and developing highly skilled individuals with a global vision. It offers both Undergraduate and Graduate programs in diverse streams such as Informatics, Engineering, Science and Agriculture. For both Undergraduate and Master’s programs first year’s tuition is waived off and second year’s tuition will be waived off based on your GPA score. Additionally, a monthly stipend is given to all ABP students for the first year of the program. So, if you are a meritorious student and you can consistently make it to the top few students in your class then you have the opportunity to get your undergraduate or graduate degree without even spending a dime. Japan for higher education

Tuition Exemption & ABP Scholarship

Application Fee Enrollment Fee Tuition
ABP – Undergraduate Program Free Free 1st year
2nd-4th year Waived
50% or 100% based on GPA score
ABP- Master’s Program Free Free 1st year
2nd year Waived based on GPA score

Admission process and Timeline

Undergraduate Program

Basic knowledge of Japanese is essential before you enter into Shizuoka University. Hence a score of JLPT (Japanese language proficiency test) along with EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission) is a must for Undergraduate program. In case you are not opting for JLPT then additional test of Japanese language proficiency needs to be taken in EJU itself. Still it would be best to enquire with the respective department beforehand. Anyhow, Japanese language being an oriental language shares the same grammar as that of our regional languages. Hence for Indians learning Japanese is piece of cake unlike westerners who face tough time as grammar of Latin/English derived languages is completely different as compared to Japanese.

Application for ABP require EJU score, an English proficiency test (TOEFL or IELTS), and JLPT score. EJU exam is conducted twice a year in India with New Delhi as its only center in India. Yeah! You heard it right, so you have to fly down to Delhi for the examination. I guess it deserves that much of effort since you may get the opportunity to Graduate without paying any tuition fee. EJU exam syllabus is similar to basic 12th Standard Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Going through our existing competition in CBSE, ICSE or State Boards, passing EJU shouldn’t need much of preparation. Just a cool mind is enough to easily clear it. Below flowchart gives the timeline of important deadlines. One should even check the details available online on Shizuoka University website to make sure that events highlighted haven’t got changed. Japan for higher education

Master’s Program

Master’s Program are also supported by ABP funding and has sharp focus on promoting Research and creativity. Basic eligibility needed to apply for Masters is to have a bachelor’s degree for the respective stream that you are planning to apply. Those who are in their final year of bachelor’s program and still wish to apply, must submit required documents for review of your eligibility to respective departments. Each department has its own criteria for the preliminary review so it is advisable for a student to first email to the department they want to apply to. Visit the site online to check for the application deadline dates which generally start from mid of December till second week of January in the following year.

Students with Bachelor’s degree must submit all the documents along with valid TOEFL/IELTS score as listed below through an online application system.

  • Application form
  • Photograph as recommended in the application form.
  • Passport copy
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Graduation certificate or Certificate of expected graduation.
  • TOEFL/IELTS score
  • 1000 words essay that gives summary of Graduation thesis or past research experience.
  • 1000 words essay that describes the future research area that applicants intends in Shizuoka University.
  • Letter of Reference.

All the application documents are accepted only through online application system. Any mailed or in person submission is bound to get rejected. Applicants must follow on screen directions given on website, which will open at the beginning of the application period. Generally applications are being invited from second week of March every year. The final selection happens in two rounds. The first round of selection is based on comprehensive review of all documents. Only the successful applicants will be invited to an internet interview through skype. The final decision will be made by the admission committee, based on an overall assessment of both the interview and the documents submitted. This whole process would continue till month of May and by Mid-June final selection would get notified through email.

Expenses, Food and Life

Major expenses for a student comes from tuition which is covered by ABP. This leaves you with other miscellaneous expenses such as food, travel and telephone which majorly gets covered by monthly stipend. There are plenty of options for part time jobs in Japan which can always be handy to cover the remaining delta cost. Otherwise, an average student would need 70000 Yen per month to cover all its expenses apart from tuition fees. Most of the dormitories provided for international students are good and hardly there could be a need for anyone to search for a room outside the dormitories.

Hamamatsu is a vibrant multicultural industrial town with all the amenities that a modern town can provide. It enjoys warm weather through most of the year unlike in northern parts of Japan which face chilly weather during winter times. It hosts international students from many countries and bulk of the students find their way from South American and South East Asian continent.

Hamamatsu Hostel

Shizuoka Hostel

In terms of food, Japanese restaurants offers plenty of vegetables on menu but very few cereals. There are umpteen Indian restaurant available in both Shizuoka and Hamamatsu where you can find choicest of Indian food. Most of the Indians staying also buy Indian spices and products from shops in Tokyo and get it couriered to their place by postal service for free. The Japanese people are always super polite and kind towards foreigners. Possibly, you may get free trip advice while sitting at a Starbucks or in the metro. Most of the Japanese don’t understand English hence an understanding of basic Japanese language could help you a lot in communicating with local people. Punctuality is a national habit and you will find almost all of the Japanese to be very punctual in their commitments. They expect the same even from fellow foreigners too and may feel offended in case we don’t turn up on time. Hence, recommendation for Indian students is to keep nice wrist watch handy and stick to time!

Job Opportunities after Education

With a unique industry academia collaborative curriculum, students are linked to a wide range of global companies through a number of on and off-campus events such as internships, lectures, seminars, and workshops hosted by corporate business experts. Shizuoka University has a strong alumni network in almost all of the Japanese big corporates which gives you a unique advantage of exploring career options in diverse sectors.

After the course work is complete the students get three months of time to apply for job in industries and get sponsorship for work VISA. VISA procedures are generally hassle free once a sponsorship letter is obtained. Hardly, you will ever hear of anyone getting his work VISA rejected. Looking at the depleting working age group in Japan, a lot of job opportunities are available. Japan also has one of the highest per capita income among the developed countries. Salaries are at par of what you would make in any other developed nation. Coupled with serene surrounding and systematic infrastructure working in Japan is smooth and luxuriating.