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Are you looking to enhance your career prospects? Well then, the simplest and the most effective solution is to pursue higher education in a foreign country and subsequently, secure a job in that country. Whether it is the US, Canada, Australia or Germany, all these countries provide a facility to secure a work visa upon graduation as long as you get a job, which is not a very difficult proposition provided you network and identify the right school to pursue your higher education at. The prospect of studying abroad is expensive, costing anywhere between 20-25 lakhs per year, on an average, and also depends on the chosen destination, program and University. Therefore, it is important for students and the families concerned to explore funding opportunities like loans and scholarships, well in advance. Fortunately, the market for study loans has expanded considerably over the years with quite a few players enteringREAD MORE
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Student Education Loan Options and the Right Lender Now that you have secured admission into the university of your choice, you need to plan your finances to cover your tuition and living costs. While your parents may have saved up for your higher education, taking a student education loan to fund your higher education would be beneficial in several aspects. The primary reason why students prefer taking a loan is to reduce financial dependency on their parents. The reason to opt for loan could also be due to a genuine requirement as the high fees of some universities creates a shortfall despite the savings. Another very popular reason for taking a student education loan is that in case of any unforeseen eventuality in your parent’s financial affairs, the loan amount becomes a backup option, thereby allowing the student to continue studies without a break. Having taken a decision to goREAD MORE
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ALL ABOUT EDUCATION LOANS Increasing career benefits of a foreign education coupled with an enriching global exposure has increased the number of students who aspire to pursue their higher education abroad. In spite of a plethora of advantages of studying abroad, the exorbitant expenses involved discourage students from following their dreams. Although many scholarships and financial aid options are available, all students do not become eligible for them. As a result, educational loans become significant to the study abroad plan for the student. Education loans for studying abroad are provided by almost all the major banks in India, but parents and students are apprehensive about the complicated and cumbersome loan application procedure.  With easy repayment options and reasonable interest rates, securing funding for study abroad plans has become much simpler than what is perceived. Below are a few tips to obtain student loans. All about Education Loans Be proactive All about EducationREAD MORE