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Things to do after reaching USA on F1 visa

Things to do after reaching USA on F1 visa

Things to Do after Reaching USA on F1 Visa

One of the defining moments in a student’s life is when he clicks on the mail from his dream university and finds the acceptance letter waiting to be clicked open. Unadulterated happiness and ecstasy are soon dwarfed by anxiety about the university. After all, it’s the place which you will call home, where you will be spending years studying, growing and establishing the foundations for a successful career in your chosen field. There’s a lot of advice that applies to Indian students. First is to try to prepare for the culture shock by learning about the customs of your new country and coming up with strategies to deal when you feel homesick or overwhelmed.Things to do after reaching USA on F1 visa (more…)

A new dawn awaits you as fly to your dream study destination — the US! Whether your start is a roller coaster ride or a smooth sail will completely depend on your interaction with the very first person you will meet on arrival.  Well, you don’t have a choice.  Meeting this person, the officer from Customs and Border protection (CBP) is your unavoidable destiny.  This guy is highly skilled and knows his job quite well.  His first and foremost concern is security, and you may need to cool your heels at the airport for a while till he checks your name against many computers.  Try and understand things from immigration officer’s perspective.  For him, you are an alien and all that they trust are your documents.  Make sure that your answers to the questions asked by the immigration officer are in resonance with the ones you affirmed to the US Consular officer.   (more…)

Apply for a US Visa
OPT STEM Extension

17 months OPT STEM Extension revoked by Federal Court:

The federal court’s ruling on 12th August, 2015 has put the STEM OPT extension in jeopardy. This judgement has created quite a stir! There is a lot of confusion and bewilderment among the students who have a STEM degree from US Schools and are working on the 12 month OPT. In fact many students who are yet to take admissions in the US schools for the spring/fall 2016 are confused whether they should go to the US and if they do, will they be able to work there after their masters. Through this article we hope to bring some clarity on this matter.


How to reduce the cost of the masters program


|How to reduce the cost of the masters program – This article discusses ways to cut costs of Ms in USAHow to reduce the cost of the masters program
Have you ever dreamt of going abroad for further studies and then almost instantaneously given up on the idea due to financial concerns? Well, studying abroad does have its fair share of expenses right from the time you set foot on foreign shores! Admission fees, tuition fees, airfares, insurance, food, transport, and accommodation -all these expenses are definitely going to pinch your pocket. But the good news is that studying abroad is not as uneconomical as it seems! Make your distant dream of pursuing further studies abroad a definite reality. Here are some pointers on how to minimise cost while studying abroad.


How to write a SOP
HOW TO WRITE A SOP The Statement of Purpose is by far the most important document you will write for your study abroad application and therefore it is necessary for you to know the structure and learn some tips regarding-How to write a SOP. The Statement of Purpose, as the name suggests, requires you to state your ‘purpose’; in other words your ‘motivation’ behind attending a particular graduate programme. It’s absolutely necessary as well as crucial for you to come up with an original and exciting story which the committee hasn’t heard before. Your ‘task’ is to write an essay which is not just an engaging read but also includes interesting facts that makes you come across as someone unique and exclusive. Usually, it takes approximately one to two months to write your SOP with an ideal length of 750 to 1000 words. What should your SOP comprise and whatREAD MORE
What to carry while travelling to USA
First Semester in USA


|First Semester in USA – This article explains how to tackle homesickness while studying in USA|
Everyone expects studying abroad to be an incredibly exciting experience. However one phenomenon that can hamper the entire experience is “homesickness.” Mostly fuelled by the cultural shock, homesickness can be a little daunting to deal with. Here are a few valuable tips, which will help you overcome homesickness with ease. First Semester in USA 


9 Things about money only Indians in USA will understand


Overseas education can cost you a fortune, and you must make every possible effort to   save some bucks specifically when you are responsible for controlling the purse string. Listed below are a few ways that can help you get along on a shoestring. 9 Things about money only Indians in USA will understand (more…)



|TOP MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN STUDYING ABROAD – This article is about the mistakes you should avoid making, when studying in USA|
Your overseas expedition begins much before you fly to your study destination. You should not just be prepared for immersing yourself in the new academic setting but also to embrace the new culture and values of the country you are visiting. Study abroad is a chance to step up your intellectual awareness and at the same time a training ground for becoming a polished world citizen. (more…)