Services 2

Our test prep classes are designed and conducted by industry experts who know the secret to cracking standardized exams like GRE, TOEFL, GMAT and IELTS.  Our seasoned trainers  have passed these tests with flying colours and made it to US leading institutions themselves. Our trainers not only give you intensive training on the required skillset but also instil the required confidence to bring out the best in you to ace these exams. Our disciplined approach, effective teaching methodology coupled with personalized and flexible coaching makes the preparation experience enjoyable and enriching.

Collegepond offers a number of services for SAT, SAT II, GRE, GMAT and TOEFL test preparation, namely:

•          Ask Collegepond — This is a service that allows students who are studying independently to ask expert questions or problems to clear their doubts.

•          Math/Verbal Review — Collegepond has developed an intensive Math/Verbal curriculum that will enable students to hone their skills and get ready for the examination.  These classes are either held on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting.

•          Crash Course — Collegepond offers two-day crash courses for students who would like to brush up their skills for the examination.

•          Every student who enrols for GRE is entitled to complimentary TOEFL classes

•          Every GRE student has an access to online resources, E books and a rich library

•          We have special arrangements for students to attend repeat lectures on difficult topics or the topics they have missed out on

•          The Counsellors are highly accessible at Collegepond centers or by phone, email, and sms and can be met as many times as required by students