[1] How many copies do I apply for?
It is advisable to get around 10-15 copies. Some univs might ask for more than 1 copy.

[2] Junior College OR Diploma College Transcripts required?
Diploma transcripts are required. Junior college transcripts (11th and 12th) usually not required unless you are applying for undergrad education. However, there are extremely fewcolleges which require for Jr. College transcripts. Don’t apply for it, till we finalize your colleges. If the Uni you are applying to is mandating you to get it, then only apply.Sometimes, the Unis will ask you for Jr College transcripts only if you fill up the details in the optional education section. So please read the application form carefully to determine if you need the Jr College Transcripts.

[3] Updating the Transcripts
Before you leave the country, get your final year marks also included in the transcripts. Some univs will ask you to submit the final transcript after reaching there.

Also keep a few more transcripts ready with you; in case you decide to pursue further education (mba, phd, etc), you don’t want to run again to get transcripts from your undergrad college.

[4] Cost and time
Some colleges charge ridiculous money for giving you transcripts. Some will take a lot of time to give it to you. There is nothing you can do in this case. The colleges / registrars have a lot of power and monopoly in this area, and you can speak to your seniors, friends, etc about what is happening in your college. Better to start the process early.

[5] Open KT
If you have an open KT while applying, see if you can have an “I” (Incomplete) in the transcript instead of an “F” (Fail). You don’t want to apply with an open KT, it will hinder your chances. Speak to the counselors if you fall in this category.

[6] Transcript by the University
Please see the section on University Documents

[7] Format
All colleges have their own format. There is no hard and fast rule. If your college doesn’t have a format and has never issued a transcript, please speak with the counselors.

[8] All semester transcripts
Some Univs (extremely few in number) want the transcripts of all the semesters during the application process. In that case, you can apply to that university only if you have graduated. Please check the website for requirements before you apply there.

[9] Some uni say that they want the college to directly send the transcripts, what should we do in this case?
You can send transcripts on behalf of the college. Just make sure it is sealed and signed and/or stamped across the seal. That is ok. No issues there if you send it in your application packet.Some Univs will have a separate form for you to fill and send to the registrar so that he can courier the transcript on your behalf directly to the Uni you are applying. As mentioned, this is not required if you courier the transcript yourself.

[10] How do i upload transcripts? In Images format?
The transcripts that are uploaded need to be as one single file. Copy the images to a word doc and save it as a pdf file.

[11] There is no space to mention diploma transcripts. It is written not to mention degrees previous to bachelors? So is it OK not to mention?
Yes, its fine not to mention, but do courier them the diploma transcripts with your degree transcripts.

[12] Is 10th and 12th marksheet needed as transcripts for application?

[13] When a university says “official transcripts” sealed by the institute attended, what exactly do they mean? many universities are asking for 1 or 2 official transcripts along with the unofficial ones uploaded with the application form.
Official transcripts means your college transcripts, which has to be couriered to the university. Unofficial transcripts are scanned copies of your transcripts which you need to email or upload in your application.

[14] some uni say that they want the college to directly snd the transcripts, what should we do in this case. 
You can send transcripts on behalf of the college. Just make sure it is sealed and signed and/or stamped across the seal. That is ok. No issues there.