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Planning to study in the U.S is a big decision. Managing the application timelines, standardized tests, choosing universities, obtaining letters of recommendation, applying for a student visa etc. are daunting tasks. Besides, Indian students also have to balance the usual grind of high school assignments, board exams, and other work.

We at CollegePond are here to assist you in your journey of securing admission in your dream university. Our team is dedicated towards guiding students throughout the application process. We conduct regular seminars and webinars on various aspects of the application process and are always available for personal sessions with the students and parents.

Also our website is replete with all the information you will need during your applications. You can start with a free personal session with our counsellors who will help you plan the journey ahead.

Step 1: Selecting your course of study

To ensure a successful career, selecting the perfect and most suited course of study is of paramount importance as the course chosen will set the foundation for higher education. Ideally the process to apply for an undergraduate degree abroad should start a year and a half in advance i.e. the start of your 11th grade. With a plethora of new avenues, countless specialization options and endless career possibilities emerging, career selection can be a daunting task.

Students are often confused and require guidance which will help them to take this important decision that sets the path for their future. We at Collegepond guide students and begin the process by assessing the student’s skills and abilities through our Career Suitability and Aptitude Tests. Through the assessment and one-on-one interactive sessions with our experienced counsellors, we determine the right career for you.

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UG University Selection

Step 2: Selecting Universities

The internet may provide a list of top universities but it might not necessarily match your requirements. These lists often mislead you to apply to those universities which may be reputed but may not be the best for the field of study that you have chosen. The value of your degree depends heavily on which university you graduate from.

Graduating from universities abroad is expensive and a wrong selection of the university will negate the entire value of an undergraduate degree, thus selecting a university which offers a broad based and relevant curriculum is of great importance. Our expert counsellors will guide you with this selection through personalized assistance and help you finalize a list of 10-12 universities that you should apply to, based on factors like your profile, university reputation and tuition fee.

Step 3: Appearing for Standardised Tests

Most colleges and universities require scores from standardized admission tests. Standardized tests are a way in which universities assess your academic potential vis a vis your academic results substantiated by your transcripts. These tests serve as a common denominator to help the admission committee compare the performance of their native students with that of international students from different educational systems. These standardized tests include-

English Proficiency Exams

  • TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  • IELTS(International English Language Testing System)
  • PTE Academic(Pearson Test of English Academic)

SAT/ACT: Universities may require students to take either the SAT Reasoning Test OR ACT. Some universities do not require any admissions tests.
AP Exams: Advanced Placement Exams are college-level undergraduate exams that test your knowledge of a particular subject.
PSAT: The Preliminary SAT (PSAT) is a standardized test that provides an opportunity for international students to practice taking the SAT.

UG Standardised Tests
UG Essays, LORs, Resume

Step 4: Essays, Recommendation and Resumes

As a part of the admission process, universities require students to write personal statements, essays, statement of purpose, supply letters of recommendation and provide a resume. Securing admission into the university not only depends on your performance in standardized tests but greatly depends on the quality of these essays written by you.

You will have to draft documents like Statement of Purpose, Resume and Letters of Recommendation. Writing them can be a challenging and overwhelming experience but our specialized teams of editors who cater separately to SOP, LOR and resume will ensure that you have presented all the relevant information in your documents and that your documents sound professional. This will indubitably ensure a smooth and stress-free application process.

Step 5: Application Forms

The first and foremost step in the admission process involves filling up the application form. The application forms are an important document which is crucial to the admission process. The application forms are lengthy and require details of students ranging from academic records to the course name chosen to personal details. These details are used by the University as personal record and any discrepancies or errors can cost the student their admission into the university.

Thus filling the application form is one of the most significant steps. We at Collegepond will solve all your doubts and resolve any queries that students have regarding application form filling and submission. Counsellors will ensure that you fill in the right information in your application form which will lead to a smooth and quick application form submission.

UG Application Forms
UG Visas

Step 6: Visas

Even after securing admission at your dream university, the application process is incomplete unless you have obtained a student Visa. The visa process is an elaborate one, with series of steps, numerous requirements and submission of various documents which can be quite confusing and overwhelming. But with the help of our counsellors the entire student visa application process will be smooth and hassle-free.

Having helped numerous students with their visa applications, our counsellors are competent and well versed with the student visa application process. Right from registering for your visa, to preparing your financial documents, to conducting mock visa interviews, we are here to guide you through the entire visa procedure.

Step 7: Insurance

When students plan to study abroad, it is essential to acquire appropriate health and travel insurance policies. You will be required by both your school and your host country to have adequate international student insurance when you are visiting. Studying abroad in a foreign land entails a lot of risk. Medical expenses in foreign currency and hospitalization can be quite expensive. A student living alone, outside India might also need visits from family if something goes wrong. Therefore a travel policy covers you for all such eventualities.

Most universities and colleges require their students to purchase international student health insurance for their enrolment period. These requirements can vary depending on your university or college, and can apply to any dependents traveling with you as well. We at Collegepond, will help you to explore and finalize various options for health and travel insurance.

MS Accommodation

Step 8: Accommodation Services

Finding a suitable accommodation for your study abroad can be a daunting task. It is quite challenging to find a place that is affordable as well as liveable in an unfamiliar and foreign land. There are myriad options available for accommodation such as home-stays, apartments, student dorms etc. Most of the universities do not provide accommodation and in such cases students are responsible for securing their own, independent off campus housing.

It is very important to find the right accommodation for your stay abroad as accommodation is one of the factors that can lead to great success of a student. Various activities that can easily help the performance of a student are carried out in the accommodation setting such as working on projects and assignments and preparing for exams. Also the right accommodation will ensure the safety and security of the student. Therefore, we organize events to help our students network, and choose their future roommates. We also help our students connect with students who are currently studying in the universities abroad to help them find apartments.

Step 9: Pre-departure Services

Through our pre-departure services, we try to help you understand what to expect in your new country, with topics covering living, banking services, mobile phone services, culture, traditions and customs. We organise pre-departure sessions wherein we answer all the students’ queries and help them to prepare for their student life in a new country.

During our briefing we also provide information and advice students on matters such as ticketing, foreign exchange, travelling, opening a bank account and international calling cards. Students are also given the opportunity to network with other students, including alumni, current students and future classmates. Through our pre-departure services we aim to ease the students apprehensions and concerns and ensure that their stay abroad is a pleasant and a memorable one.

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What our students say about us

Collegepond has helped me throughout my entire application procedure. They are extremely organized and ensured that my application process was completed on time. I am glad that I joined them for counselling and I am very happy with the university I got into. Thank you CollegePond.

Student studying at: NYU Stern

I am extremely happy with my decision to enrol with CollegePond. They stand true to their reputation and offer excellent counselling services. They provide appropriate guidance and are extremely helpful throughout the entire application procedure. I would gladly recommend them to other students.

Student studying at: Georgia Tech

Collegepond has helped me throughout my entire application procedure. They are extremely organized and ensured that my application process was completed on time. I am glad that I joined them for counselling and I am very happy with the university I got into. Thank you CollegePond.

Student studying at : UMich Ann Arbor

My experience with Collegepond was great. They guided me right from the very beginning of our journey. They assisted me with all my doubts and queries. I sincerely thank Collegepond for helping me get into my dream university and I recommend them to all undergrad students like me.

Student studying at : UMich Ann Arbor

Collegepond made the daunting experience of the application process easier. They conducted regular seminars which were very helpful. Also the counsellors were always accessible and solved all doubts as soon as possible. They are one of the best counselling services in India and I am glad I joined them.

Student studying at : Pennsylvania State University

I was completely clueless about the whole application procedure. However after joining CollegePond I was convinced that I would get into my dream university. They are excellent counsellors and they actually care about your future career and will do their best to ensure you obtain admission into your desired program.

Student studying at : Georgia Tech

CollegePond is the best. They helped me at every step of the application process and solved all my doubts to the best of their ability. I am very happy with the whole experience and the services they offer are worth the cost. I would specially like to thank Jimeet and Suraj sir and Neha and Amrita Maam.

Student studying at : NYU Stern

The guidance given by Suraj and Jimeet sir has been very important in selecting the universities and even the right course for me. The preparation on SOPs and applications has been excellent. Thank you so much for all your help. I surely recommend them to my fellow colleagues.

Student studying at : UMich Ann Arbor

My application procedure was extremely smooth, all thanks to CollegePond. They made the whole procedure extremely easy with their informative seminars and personal attention given to every student. Joining them was definitely an excellent decision. Thank you Jimeet sir and Suraj sir.

Student studying at : Pennsylvania State University

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