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We Have Collated Information Of Top 30 Universities In USA To Simplify The Transition From India to USA for students.

Get To Know About Your University

Every course and every university is unique and each student wants different things. We have compiled answers for many of the frequently asking questions about Universities in USA in order to aid the students in making the right decision for themselves. University Selection is part of our Admission Counselling services wherein we analyse the students preferences, their skills and abilities to finally determine the list of Universities that they could aim for.

The entire admissions process can seem a massive operation, especially if you’re going abroad – and in some ways it should be. After all, this is a commitment that’s likely to demand at least two years of your life, and probably a significant amount of money. The more research one puts in this process, the more likely they will be to make the right decision. Doing the homework will pay-off.

However, the journey towards finding your perfect university should be a lot less daunting if you have a clear idea of the tools available to help you, right from the start of your search. To help you get your head around it all, we’ve spoken to many students – past and present – and put together this guide for you. You can also get in touch with the Graduate Admissions department of the Universities to clear any other doubts.

The Ebook contains the following information:

Education at the University

Internship Opportunities

Tuition & Living Expenses

Campus life

Placement Scenario

Commuting and Indian Food


City, Weather and more

Our students have made it to their dream universities with admits from:

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