University of Illinois at Chicago | Student Feedback

Graduate studies are going good and first semester passed away smoothly and just doesn’t feel that 6 months have already passed. As for UIC, it has been a good experience till now if not great. University of Illinois at Chicago

For Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, the research is limited as UIC is facing some serious budget issues. There is a budget impasse in the Illinois State and that has hurt all State universities in Illinois, but no money coming in from the government. This has made the university bring in a lot of people, stretching its resources and infrastructure and increasing the number of students in every class. People need to fight for getting the popular courses. But people do get it eventually. Also not having specified tracks for the courses means, we had to take a few courses out of the field of choice to graduate. But the professors are good and very helpful, at least the ones I have interacted with. Industrial department has brought in new professors who aren’t that experienced and that might give mixed reactions from students. University of Illinois at Chicago

UIC is good with Data Sciences and fluids. Also, for the students coming in, I would recommend to contact the professors before hand and research well on the professors that they really wanna work with. Getting into research is tough and there are limited opportunities as most professors are short on funding. University of Illinois at Chicago

On-campus part times are hard to come by as being a city campus and comparatively smaller than college town counterparts. Chicago is expensive but a great city to live. University of Illinois at Chicago

As for job opportunities, the career fair at UIC is very small and limited, and most companies coming in don’t sponsor H1-B. So its like most places, you need to apply online. University of Illinois at Chicago

If you need info on anything else, definitely let me know. University of Illinois at Chicago