University of Maryland Collegepark

Hi, University of Maryland Collegepark

So here’s  my opinion regarding your questions. Take into consideration i have just completed 1 semester and have barely started the new one so all my answers might not be correct.

FYI I am currently doing MIS in University of Maryland. Most of my answers might be related to my course and may not pertain to other courses in the university.

  1. About the Course University of Maryland Collegepark

Good course so far subjects and professors are mostly pretty good. Not very happy with the career services Im happy with everything else.

  1. How many % of student in your course are Indians? Need just an approximate.

  50% maybe more.(Ya kinda sucks)

  1. Which country people are most in your university?

In my program(MIS) there are mostly Indians and Chinese not sure about other programs, I think CS might have better diversity.

  1. Does the university follow semester or trimester?

Semester University of Maryland Collegepark

  1. Internship Opportunities University of Maryland Collegepark

Haven’t got an internship yet but most if not all seniors had internships.

  1. What are the off campus opportunities available?

If ur taking about part time jobs u mostly will get some type of job if u start looking early n take efforts.

  1. In which month does the career fair takes place?

I think September or so basically early. Don’t know about other career fair might be one in this set as well.

  1. Name 3 apartments close to university area.

Graduate Gardens, Graduate Hills, Parkside.

  1. The rent for the apartments in the area you stay.

$345 2 bhk 4 ppl University of Maryland Collegepark

  1. What is the approximate living expense excluding rent?

Depends on u not really sure main expense is rent. Take about $200 more i guess.

  1. List the name of 3 stores close to university or your home from where you buy grocery, milk and daily food products.

Target, Farmers market, CVS.

  1. What are the public transport options available in city? Does student have concession on student’s UniversityID for transportation?

University shuttles are pretty good and take u to most places n its free. You can also use the metro buses(haven’t needed to use it much) or the metro if ur going to DC

  1. Is there any Indian store close to university? If yes then please name.

Patels store is nearby. University of Maryland Collegepark

  1. Name the 3 restaurants available next to university or close by to place where majority of students stay.

Slices pizza, Blaze pizza, Panda Express, Noodle company, Chipotle.

  1. What are the places to hangout on weekends?

Mainly theres 1 road on which u find everything nothing else is there.Its a pretty much a village to be honest but there are 3-4 bars and DC and baltimore are close by.

  1. What is the minimum and maximum temperatures that city faced in a last year.

Temperatures varies a lot when u arrive in fall its really hot and sunny about 25-30 degrees and winters are usually fine not to cold but somedays have gone to -10–15 degrees

  1. To describe your city climate for most of the time in one word, what would you say: sunny, winter, rainy, windy?

Its pleasant sunny mainly. You can live here easily no worries.

I hope this was helping if u have any doubts feel free to contact me.