University of Southern California Feedback

Collegepond stays in constant touch with their ex-students in order to aid the current students to get the real-time information. We get them connected to clear doubts about the course, internships, housing, travelling, jobs, etc. Below is one of the University of Southern California feedback from our ex-student in response to the doubts asked by Fall 2016 aspirants of Collegepond. University of Southern California Feedback

1. Course: University of Southern California Feedback

The course structure at USC has changed a bit in the last couple of years. Now, if you are general CS student, you are supposed to take only 28 credits and 32 credits if you take up some specialisation. Also, all courses are worth 4 credits now. Plus, you also get few credits for internship and directed research. So basically, if you are a general CS student, you will be able to take no more than 6 courses.

They offer good courses, but you will have to select them carefully because you won’t be able to take more than

2.Indian students:University of Southern California Feedback

Highest population in USC graduate courses is of Chinese. Second comes India. You will find a lot of Indians and Chinese in your classes.

3. Semester or Trimester: University of Southern California Feedback

Semester system

4. Internship opp University of Southern California Feedback

Being a CS student, California is definitely the place to be. You will have ample opportunities. But that said, being an USC student does not guarantee a good internship. The USC name on your resume might get you good calls, but then its totally on you. You will still have to go through the interview process and crack it.

5. Career fair: University of Southern California Feedback

Career fair is conducted twice a year. Once in February and once towards the end of the year (September/October).

6. Apartments close to area: University of Southern California Feedback

Apartments on the Portland street, Mardi Gras, 29th street are within 2 miles radius of the campus.

7. Approx rent: University of Southern California Feedback

It is approx 2400$ for a 2 bhp (5 people can easily stay) and 1400$ for a 1 bhp (3/4 people. However, 3 is the legal limit for a 1 bhk. But 4 people do stay in a 1 bhp and do not face any issues.).

8. Stores:

Ralph supermarket, Manas indian store (you get all the Indian food items over here). Both of them are walking distance from the apartments listed above.

9. Transport:

USC will provide free 300 uber rides to every student. The ride should be within a 2/3 mile radius of the campus and should initiate only between 7pm and 2 am. Apart from that, you have uber and Lyft for going long distances (cheaper than normal cabs). There is a good metro and bus service as well (pretty cheap).

10. Indian store:

Manas indian store (Very good)

11. Restaurants:

There is a Figueroa Street and you will find all sorts of restaurants over there which serve veg food as well.

Blaze, Pizza Studio, Taco bell, Which Wich, Subway, Trio House. There are good dessert places as well that serve flavoured yoghurt. Basically, this is the street to come to when you crave for some “not ghar ka khan” food.

12. Temperature:

The minimum I have experienced is 4 degree celsius and that too on late nights in the winter season. Maximum it has gone up to is 30/32 degrees so far. Temperature is pretty good and you will realise it when your friends in New York and Boston will be facing blizzard warnings and snow storms.

13. College culture:

You will definitely be overwhelmed by the university culture on campus. Within a couple of weeks, you will feel proud to be a Trojan. There is a huge rivalry between USC and UCLA (just google it up and you will know what I am talking about) and their basketball and soccer matches are to die for. You will find all big Hollywood celebrities coming to your campus to watch matches, practice or just to promote their upcoming movies. The campus is beautiful and huge and your legs will definitely start paining while getting from one corner to the other.

14. Places to visit: University of Southern California Feedback

Santa monica beach

Griffith observatory

Hollywood hike

Hollywood walk of fame

Rodeo drive and Beverly Hills

LA Live (the home ground of LA Lakers is here!!)

Venice beach/canal