University of Southern California | Ex-student Feedback

  1. About the Course University of Southern California
  2. Without any doubt, the courses over here are really amazing and the things we learn here are 200 times better than what we did in 4 years of engineering. There are many good courses and the professors for a few of the courses are extremely good. They keep changing from semester to semester. Truly speaking, there would be a lot of self-learning involved, which would make studying more interesting. University of Southern California
  3. The course follows a semester pattern. University of Southern California
  4. Many internship opportunities are available. Apart from the career fairs which are attended by many companies including Google, Facebook etc. and many startups, you would also be able to find many other companies externally. You just need the right skill sets and a bit of luck as there is a lot of competition for the same. I too am also searching for an internship right now. But one thing I have heard from the seniors is that eventually, everyone gets an internship. It’s just a matter of time. So there will be people with experience who get internships before winter break, but having patience and waiting for the right time is the most ideal thing.
  5. I attended two career fairs after coming here. One in the month of September and other in November. There’s a career fair in next week too and it is kind of important for Fall students, say my seniors.
  6. There are many apartments around the campus (2707 Portland street, Ellandale, Menlo) which are commonly occupied by Indians.  Rent comes to around $2400 for a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment.
  7. Besides rent, electricity and wi-fi will be external. Electricity is included in rent in few apartments. This should not be a problem as one can see and finalize everything online.
  8. Manas is the nearest Indian store and Ralph is another store which is frequented by almost everyone. Travelling should not be a problem as USC provides free TRAM service – Campus Cruiser after 6pm and also free UBER service after 7pm within 2 mile of the campus and so grocery shopping can be done even at night without the need to manually carry everything.
  9. There are many places to eat around. Vegetarians might have fewer options, but that is understandable.
  10. When we landed in August, it was very hot. The climate was like that of Mumbai. But it started getting colder after November, and still it’s pretty cold. But climate is not like the East Coast, so a normal hoody would do.And one last thing, even thought courses here are of 4 credits and you would be taking 2 courses per semester, unlike other universities where people take 3-4 courses, the course load is quite heavy and the quality of courses and the brand name of USC would definitely help you in future. University of Southern California.
    USC has many Indian and Chinese students. The mandatory courses in first semester had around 300 students out of which about 120-130 were Indians. This will make things more competitive for you. 😛 But this is the story of most universities. University of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of Southern Californi