[1] Sometimes, there is a size restriction on the file to be uploaded. If you are exceeding the size, try to zip it. Sometimes, changing the font size also reduces the file size. If it is an image, try to use jpeg instead of bmp. Use some compressing softwares, etc.

[2] Sometimes, you have an option to upload an additional document. If you have the choice to upload only 1 file and you want to attach multiple files, you can use various softwares out there to create one pdf file from various files and then attach the file.

[3] Don’t upload inter-college festival certificates, marksheets, etc.  unless asked. These documents are not stellar achievements, as everyone has these. If not sure, speak to the counselors if your files should be uploaded or not.

[4] Even while couriering, do not send anything that is not asked. Some Univs might ask for financial docs, some for passport Xerox, some for transcript, etc. Please check their list, before you send everything. Just because your friends are sending the marksheet doesn’t mean you do the same, unless the Uni explicitly asks for it.

[5] Couriering the packet – Most Univs are going online and want to minimize the paperwork at their end as well. Imagine getting, transcripts, recos, financial papers for over 1000s of students. Hence, go online if a choice is given.

Now, some Univs might ask you for some proofs to be sent. Send only the documents that they have asked and nothing more.

Note that 4 things are compulsory :
[1] essay / sop [2] LoRs [3] Test scores [4] Transcripts

Incase you have not uploaded any of these 4, then send them in your packet as additional documents. (usually this will not be the case).

Other optional things are passport pages, marksheets, transcripts, financial documents, extra certificates, salary slips, etc. Send only if asked.

Incase you are couriering, the only additional documents you can send (without being asked for) are gre/gmat and toeflscoresheets (incase ETS takes time to report them – ideally this shouldn’t happen)

A sample covering letter is shared with you in your gdrive. Modify it based on what needs to be sent to the Uni based on its application checklist.

The covering letter will be followed with all the documents that you are going to send. You can attach, pin, staple them in the order mentioned. Put all of them in a big envelope which can be then couriered. Note that the outer big envelope should not be the college envelope. Use that only for your transcripts and LoRs.  If your transcripts, financial docs, LoRs, etc are in a sealed envelope, you can attach it to the cover letter. If there are too many documents and you can’t pin or staple it, it’s ok if they are lying loose in the big envelope. Make sure the covering letter says what is attached.

If still unclear, speak with our counselors about how to package your application.

[6] Should you courier the document before you submit it online? Some colleges will give you an application number only after you pay the fees and submit the online app. Some will give you a confirmation letter and a checklist after online application as to what needs to be couriered. In this case, this can be put in the couriering envelope. Though it is not a hard and fast rule, but it is recommended to courier after the online submission.  If you are running against time and need to courier beforehand, you can. But better to plan in advance than courier in haste.

[7] Should my courier reach the University before the admission deadline? Ideally yes (well in advance) – because you want to come across as a well–planned student. But many students are late, which goes against them.Some univs give a leeway of upto 1 week after the deadline date. It’s not specified or mentioned anywhere. Again, it is admission committee specific. Try not to go beyond this 1 week at any cost.

Some admission committees start looking at your application immediately after the deadline dates. Your file may be picked up on day 1 or day n. Assume that they happen to pick your file out of 2000 files a day before your packet reaches them. They might email you saying – docs missing, and put your application on hold. Well, you don’t want to try your luck when you are paying them around $100 as application fees.

[8] Addressing on the envelope
TO – goes in the center
FROM – left top
It is opposite to the format in India. The courier service guy should help you out.

[9] The university is asking for 2 transcripts. And to 2 different addresses. What to do? Sometimes, it can be true for other documents also. Theuni might ask for 2 sops. For example, one might go to the Dept, and one to international graduate school. If they ask for 2, you will have to send both individually.

Now can you put both in one courier then? Speak to them and ask the dept if its ok for them to send the packet to the grad school?. If they agree, put the grad school’s envelope within the Dept school envelope and in your covering letter to the dept, request them to send the grad school envelope to grad school. If not sure, just courier it separately. Better be safe.

[10] Courier service – While there are many in the market, we have tied up with the most competent and reasonable one. Mr. Vijay [9820019896] has been delivering for our students since 9 years now. He will do a free home pickup for you and if you give reference of Suraj and/or Jimeet and/or Collegepond, he will give you the preferred rate. He will help you with addressing the envelope and provide you tracking details.

[11] Rank Certificate – If you are a rank holder, and can get a rank certificate from your Dept or College or University, then it is ok to include it in the envelope. It is also ok to put it inside your transcript envelope if your college allows it.

[12] The university wants me to send the Official university mark sheets of courses completed and grades earned along with provisional degree certificate or final degree certificate if degree has been completed. I don’t have the degree certificate attested.
If you have to scan and send it to the university, then attestation is not require, scan the original document.
If you have to courier the degree certificate, then get an attested photocopy from your college registrar and send it alongwith the transcripts and marksheets.

[13] Can I get it notarized or attested from some gazetted officer. Or do I only have to get it attested from the registrar of my college.
College Registrar.

[14] I was checking the gatech website for my application status when i noticed that the final degree documents slot says ‘awaiting’. Being in fourth year still, I dont have the degree documents. So any way to rectify this ‘awaiting’ status for the final degree docs?
Dont wory – not a problrem. Just email them informing that since you are in your final year you dont have the degree certificate yet. You will get the degree in June and will bring it along with you when you go there.

[15] In my UTD application portal. It says it needs degree and provisional degree certificate. It says unofficial is okay. But i could not find where I am suppose to send. And I dont have degree certificate. That also i’ll have to mention in the mail.
For unofficial, ask them if a letter from College saying that you have passed out and you will get this in june etc. If you have a provisional certifcate then send that. There will be some generic id somewhere as well – something like gradapp@collegename.edu where you can email it to them if there is no space in the application to upload.

[16] We will not accept grade reports or unofficial transcripts. The transcript (mark sheet) should contain a complete record of studies to date at the institution from which it is issued (i.e., the subjects taken and grades [marks] earned in each subject). If documents are written in a language other than English, complete and official English translations must be provided together with the original language records. For international transcripts, include any legend as part of the PDF. Will the transcripts I have received from my college be sufficient, they are stamped and signed. Or they require something else?
College transcripts are fine.

[17]  I checked the whole form. And in education section they have told to upload a unofficial scanned copy of transcripts but I could not any option for upload the same.
Check if there is space for Additional uploads, you can upload it there. If nothing works, then courier it to the university. Also check if in they dont want you to email the transcripts to them.

[18] How do i upload transcripts? In Images format?
The transcripts that are uploaded need to be as one single file. Copy the images to a word doc and save it as a pdf file.

[19] There is no space to mention diploma transcripts. It is written not to mention degrees previous to bachelors? So is it OK not to mention?
Yes, its fine not to mention, but do courier them the diploma transcripts with your degree transcripts.

[20] Please find attached a screenshot of the Berkeley Transcript upload page. They have requested transcripts be on letter size papers but my transcripts are on legal size papers Should I go on and upload them as they are?
As long as you upload in such as way that it can be printed on a a letter size paper – its alright. Test it in ur printer once.

[21] Upenn requires us to courier an official transcript. So should i write the university address on the sealed envelop and courier it or enclose the sealed envelop in another envelop? Also in the from part, should i write my address or my college address?
If they want only transcripts to be couriered then you can send it directly. Though it is advisable to enclose it another bigger envelope. Put your address so you are informed if something wrong happens in transit.

[22] Michigan wants official stamped  college/university transcripts, marksheets, and diploma in original envelopes via express courier. I have only official stamped by college transcripts with me, Will that suffice? If it doesn’t reach by 1st Nov deadline will they review my application, do they notify us or will be rejected then and there?
Send oficial transcripts and marksheets to them and ensure it reaches before 1st Nov.

[23] I have a rank certificate stating that i stood 5th among 144 students in my third year. Should i ask for extra copies from college and include them in the courier?
Include it with the transcripts in courier.


[24] Which university address should i use, postal or courier?
The courier service addess usually. We wont use post as Indian post office is not reliable