USA Application Process | Masters, Graduate School 

Higher educating in US is a journey that ought to begin no less than one year in advance. You must have enough time at hand to plan meticulously, implement and review each facet of the application to make it look competitive and outstanding.  USA Application Process | Masters, Graduate School

Let’s look at the crucial aspects of application:

1. Standardized tests: if you are aiming to get into good US universities, you might want to start off with a decent GRE score. GRE is the initial sieving parameter for top universities, and a good GRE will brighten your chances of admission. You must research about the GRE cutoff for the course you would be applying for, while selecting universities. GRE score is very crucial, and since it is valid for five years, it makes sense to take it early rather than taking it in the eleventh hour. First it relieves you from the rigors and stress of last minute preparation and secondly it allows you time to retake it, if your scores are not up to the mark. TOEFL will not be very hard-hitting if you have prepared well for your GRE verbal section. TOEFL is not going have a major bearing on the admission decision unless and until the score is below 100. Make sure you take GRE first, and then TOEFL can follow. USA Application Process | Masters, Graduate School

2. Statement of purpose: is undoubtedly the most important document that you will write for your application. While it is pertinent to include all the relevant information and present a complete picture of your strengths and accomplishments, it is equally important to sound unique and exclusive. An outstanding SOP is an ace up your sleeve that brightens your chance of standing out and getting noticed by the admission committee. Your CGPA and GRE scores can take only to a certain point, beyond which it is SOP that aids you in making your mark. USA Application Process | Masters, Graduate School

3. Letters of recommendation: Letter of recommendation is a crucial part of the application and act as an official endorsement of the applicant’s performance, capabilities and achievements. While a well written SOP gives an opportunity to the student to showcase themselves to the admissions committee, a well written LOR is an opportunity for the professors/bosses to help the applicant put their best foot forward. An impactful letter of recommendation will paint a vivid picture of the candidate before the admission committee and put forward information which has not been captured in SOP or other part of the application. USA Application Process | Masters, Graduate School

4. Resume: A well-drafted and nicely structured resume speak volumes about your personality. Although Resume is generally a non-obligatory part of the application, it gives an opportunity to the student to highlight their past successes and accomplishments and effectively showcases their endowments and abilities. Resume gives a platform to an applicant to talk about their projects, courses, work experience, Co-curricular and extracurricular activities. As Resume is not a compulsory document for many of the universities, one must make sure that all important facts are stated in their statement of purposes and letters of recommendations. USA Application Process | Masters, Graduate School

5. Transcripts: US application requires you send signed and sealed official transcripts along with as part of application requirement. You start by making the photocopies of all mark sheets and submitting it to the university registrar. After charging the transcript fee, the registrar verifies your mark sheet and then signs on it. Mark sheets are then put in an envelope which in turn is again sealed with official signature on the opening. USA Application Process | Masters, Graduate School

6. Affidavit of financial support: All the international students are required to submit an affidavit of financial support to demonstrate their financial capability in terms of being able to support their overseas education, tuition fees and incidental expenses, as part of their application process. USA Application Process | Masters, Graduate School

7. Interviews / video essays (Optional): Some Universities might want to interview you or may require you to send a video essay requesting you to describe yourself and your career goals. They might want to make sure that you can communicate well and that the SOP you have written matches with your thought process and it was indeed written by you. It is not a compulsory part of the application for most of the courses / colleges (exception: MBA) USA Application Process | Masters, Graduate School

8. Personal essays (Optional): Some Universities give you an option to explain any extraneous circumstances so that you can justify any discrepancies in your application, for example a drop in education. If you are reapplying to a particular university, they might want to understand how your profile has changed over the last year and how you have improved by taking failure in your stride. Some Universities emphasize on diversity and personal essays to evaluate as to how will you adapt to the cultural change and intermingle with their student community. USA Application Process | Masters, Graduate School

Every university will not necessarily have the same application requirements in terms of deadlines, word limits and questions format for the statement of purpose; GRE scores etc.; however the process will remain more or less the same. A little tweaking and customizing will help you fit into the university’s unique requirement. USA Application Process | Masters, Graduate School