If your visa application is approved, your passport and visa can be collected from the pickup location you selected when you scheduled for interview appointment. When your passport is available at selected location you will receive an email and an SMS that your passport is “Ready for Pick Up”. You can track your Visa Status through various methods. Visa Delivery

Visa Delivery 1

1. You can enter your passport number here ( and track the status.

2.Send an email to and in the subject and/or body enter a valid passport number exactly as it was entered at the time the appointment was scheduled. Do not include any additional text e.g. signature. You will receive an automatic response with the status.

3. Or call them up on 040 46258222

Visa Delivery 2

Only when the tracker message says that its “Ready for pickup” should you go and collect it from the Embassy.

Visa Delivery 3 Visa Delivery 4 Visa Delivery 5

If you did not get a confirmation message within 7 days then contact the helpline number. In max 7 days, everybody gets their passport with the visa.Select

If you do not collect the passport from the US Embassy within 10 days, then the passport is sent back to their headquarters and getting it back will require time.Select

Once you get the passport with the visa on it, check if all the details are correct, like your name. If any errors then will have to get it corrected from the Embassy.

Visa Delivery 6

All the best!