VISA Webinar with the US Consulate



VISA Webinar with the US Consulate

The whole idea of walking into the U.S. Embassy and cracking the F1 VISA interview can be nerve-racking for even most self-assured individuals. No matter how glowing your educational background is and no matter how strong your financial credentials are – you can’t walk into the consulate without careful preparation.

To ease out your worries and help you breeze through the last haul in your higher education in US expedition, Collegepond is organizing an exclusive webinar on VISA process and FAQs which would be conducted by the representatives from US Consulate. This webinar will serve as an excellent platform to address your concerns, gain insights into what the VISA officers expect from students and get valuable tips on how to ace the visa interview.

Monday, 15th April 2019, at 07:00 pm IST

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