WES Evaluation

How to go about applying for WES Evaluation

WES Evaluation will convert you percentage score to GPA which is widely accepted  by US and Canadian Universities. Getting a WES Evaluation is as simple as it can get.

STEP 1 : Create an account with WES.

Create an account with WES

Link >> http://www.wes.org/application/apply_now.asp

STEP 2: Select type of evaluation

Usually universities ask for a ICAP Course by course Evaluation for students applying for a Masters Program eg. SJSU and Santa Clara Universities

If you order for a ICAP Course bu Course evaluations, here are the expenses that you will incur.

Service Fee (in USD)
Evaluation – Course by Course $160.00
Standard Delivery $7.00
ICAP Service $45.00
Additional Copies $30.00
Total $242.00

WES Fee Schedule Link >> http://www.wes.org/fees/schedule.asp


STEP 3 : Send you Documents to WES

Below listed documents need to be sent to the following address
By postal mail: By express courier:
World Education Services
P. O. Box 5087
Bowling Green Station
New York, NY 10274-5087
World Education Services
64 Beaver St, #146
New York, NY 10004
USAThis courier mail handling facility accepting DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. Documents should not be hand delivered.


Here are List of Documents that you need to send to WES

Documents needed

For students intending to pursue Higer Education:

1> Clear, legible photocopies of all final or provisional degree certificates issued by the institutions attended

e.g. Bachelor, Master, Master of Philosophy, Postgraduate Diplom


How To submit?

To be submitted to WES by applicant.


2> All individual mark sheets indicating all subjects taken and marks obtained for all years of post-secondary study – issued by the institution responsible for conducting the examinations.

e.g. university or autonomous college


How to Submit?

Request for all mark sheets to be sent directly to WES by the institution responsible for conducting the examinations


You may have photocopies of your original mark sheets attested and dated by the Controller of Examinations or Registrar’s Office. Please request for the attested photocopies to be placed in an official sealed envelope and have the envelope returned to you to forward to WES



College-issued and attested mark sheets will NOT be accepted unless from an autonomous college.

Link for WES Recognized Autonomous Colleges >>http://www.ugc.ac.in/page/Autonomous-Colleges.aspx


-AND (only if eligible)-


For  Doctoral Programs

3>An official letter confirming the awarding of the degree issued by the awarding institution

How to submit ?

To be sent directly to WES by the degree awarding institution


STEP 4: Evaluation Report will get generated and will be transmitted to your respective Universities

Once you have sent your documents to WES, you can log into your WES account and check the status of your evaluation.

The standard processing time for WES to complete the evaluation is seven (7) business days after receipt, review and acceptance of all documents and payment in full. If additional research, correspondence or verification is required, the evaluation will take longer.

To ensure the timely completion of your evaluation report, it is strongly recommend that you arrange for your documents to arrive at WES as soon as possible. Some institutions can take several weeks to provide documentation.

Once the Evaluation is complete, WES will send you a copy of the report (if you have ordered for one) and they will electronically transmit your scores to the university on the same day when the evaluation is completed. If you check your evaluation status it will inform if the scores have been transmitted .

For further queries please check the FAQ link >> http://www.wes.org/students/faq.asp


All the best !!