Why Study Abroad

Many students today have an ambition of pursuing their higher studies abroad. But making a decision on where to study can leave a student in quandary. Students are not only confused and uninformed about the choices available but also hazy about their future plans and aspirations. The decision the student makes about his or her education will steer his or her career and future. Why Study Abroad

There are many destinations abroad that offer opportunities to pursue your academics. The most notable destinations include the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.  England has the most distinguished University in the world, the Oxford University. It has also got the much sought after art institution, the RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts), where the skills of many students wanting to pursue an artistic career are honed. Australia and New Zealand also have some fine institutions for study. Why Study Abroad

But from all these countries, the United States by far is the most captivating destination. The United States of America has one of the best Colleges and Universities in the world. According to the latest surveys conducted by India Today {August 21, 2006} there were 80,466 Indian students studying in the US in the year 2005. This figure makes India the country from where the highest number of students come from, followed by China at number two with 62,523 students. Indian students pursue courses in Engineering, Medical, Liberal Arts, MBA and Law.

The quality and reputation of many academic institutions abroad rests on the caliber and skills of the faculty. The professors at most of the premier institutions are among the best in their respective disciplines. Cutting edge research work is carried out in all the major disciplines like the Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. Students are provided with a course structure that is quite flexible and gives them an opportunity to choose from a range of subjects to study. Why Study Abroad

The cultural environment on campus is also quite vibrant and welcomes diversity. The adage that learning does not always takes place in the classrooms but also in the playgrounds is not an abstract idea in the academic culture abroad but made into a living idea through the formations of clubs and cultural organizations. The participation of students in many of these club activities like music, plays, dance, the arts, writing etc, is an important facet of student life. Student participation in various activities plays a vital function in the growth and development of individual personality. Why Study Abroad

All of these aspects make studying abroad an attractive prospect for both graduate and undergraduate students across the world. Most of Indian students who opt for studying abroad are keen on staying back and acquiring work. Most of the major Universities abroad such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Purdue, and London School of Economics have a high percentage rate of students who are employed within 3 months of graduation. Most Indian students excel in their respective fields and go on to become much valued employees or leaders of multinationals.

Studying abroad can be quite expensive, but there are certain ways to reduce the cost burden. Financial aid is provided in terms of scholarships and student loans. Deserving students can also obtain research assistantships (RA) and teaching assistantships (TA). Many universities also provide work-study programs to reduce the burden of tuition and living expenses. Why Study Abroad

The acquisition of a visa is a vital step for a student towards going abroad. The purpose of these documents is to convince the visa consular that (a) you/your family can pay for your education; (b) you maintain close ties in India; and (c) you are not using this as a vehicle to immigrate abroad. Generally it is not difficult to acquire a visa if all your documents are in order and a student is well prepared for the interview. Why Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a complete experience that makes one grow and develop in profound ways. It exposes a student to interaction and association with students from different cultures around the world. More importantly, the experience of studying abroad shapes a student’s personality and transforms a student into a person of initiative and action. The flexibility of the system and career opportunities available upon graduation makes U.S. a chosen destination for students around the world. Why Study Abroad